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Hispanic Ministry
Otto Sanchez | Cómo construir un equipo de liderazgo en su iglesia
La sesión se divide en dos partes de 45 minutos: Cómo construir un equipo de liderazgo en su iglesia.
Teresa Royall | Connecting with International Students:  The Uttermost at Your Doorstep
If you are near a college campus, your church can have a fast track toward reaching the nations. There is no better missionary than a new Christian returning home after a life-changing experience with Christ.
Levi Skipper | Launch of New Resource! No Sweat Evangelism
Learn how to lead your church to make sharing Jesus a natural part of their daily lives.
Steve Aydelott | Space:  The Final Frontier
This session is designed to help church leaders understand how to properly analyze and plan space usage. Many church leaders are asking questions about how to best utilize their current and existing space. They also wonder when may be the right time to build. Steve will help church leaders understand the process of space analysis and how to conduct a proper facility space plan analysis. Additionally, he will provide help with questions about space usage, repurposing and updating current space, and decisions about building new and additional space.
Hispanic Ministry
Oscar Tortolero | La GRAN COMISION
Cuando se trata de misiones, muchas personas e iglesias no toman el llamado en serio y prefieren no cumplir con la misión y el mandatado que nos dejo Jesús: La GRAN COMISION. Si eres cristiano estas llamado a “hacer discípulos de todas las naciones.” Veremos como crear una cultura misionera dentro de su iglesia. La Misión de Dios como una identidad y no solo como una actividad.
International Mission Board
Terry Sharp | Reaching the Nations Next Door
God is providing Great Commission opportunities by bringing people groups from around the world and placing them within arm's reach of our churches. Learn about resources and the practical steps to help you and churches discover and reach the immigrants, refugees, and international students in your community for global impact.
Next Gen Kids
Klista Storts | I Love to Tell the Story
Make your group time more exciting as you help Bible stories come alive for your preschoolers. As kids are involved in the stories, they'll understand better how the Bible applies to their lives today.
Next Gen Students
Gideon Ajagbe | Getting Started: What I Did to Start and What I Would Do Differently
Every ministry and ministry season is different. We will discuss how to start a new ministry to students. This breakout is practical help for anyone in student ministry, but it's especially helpful if you are in a new season or need a new perspective.
Pastor Wellness
Mary Cox | The Reality of Expectations: Conversations with Pastors' Wives
Join us for this roundtable discussion about expectations placed on pastors' wives. Hosted by Mary Cox, we will hear perspectives from pastors' wives from various church sizes and experiences. Ultimately, we want to answer this question: How do we put those expectations in perspective?
Small Groups
Dallas White | Return on Investment
All of us are called to be and make disciples, yet few have a simple and effective strategy for doing so. Pastor Dallas White will share a simple yet effective six-step approach to making disciples.
Women's Mission and Ministry
Beth Ann Williams, Karen Pace, Beverly Skinner | Every Woman, In Community, On Mission
The heartbeat of Georgia Baptist Women is to see every woman be in a relationship with Jesus, connected in community, and on mission where they live and around the world. Georgia Baptist Women staff will share the vision of "Every Woman, In Community, On Mission" and practical ways it can be implemented in your church, no matter where you are. At the conclusion of this session, you will be better equipped to lead women to fulfill the Great Commission and the Greatest Commandment.
Worship and Music
Ken Gabrielse | Conducting as a Visual Representation of Meaning
Church congregations will always respond joyfully to a choir singing with vocal/physical energy and strong facial expressions rooted in textual understanding and strong musical response. It is the role of a conductor to remind each singer to be physically and mentally engaged at all times – in rehearsal and performance. There may always be notes to fix, mechanics to teach, and voices to blend, but the congregation responds to how the choir reflects the meaning of text. This begins with the study and practice of the conductor.
Chris Meadows, Rock the Dot Consulting | The Call Out Church Platform: Using Tech to Build a Great Commission Church One Relationship at a Time (It’s Easier than You Think)
Learn a new model of church management that puts the people of your ministry in the center of your ministry. Complete with an online giving tool, custom designed for your church, the Call Out Church Platform allows you to manage all aspects of your ministry anywhere, anytime from any device. With the Call Out Church Platform, you can build a full picture of each member and prospect to better engage your congregation in creating a next generation, great commission church.
MARK BROOKS | Reversing the Decline in Giving One Church At a Time
At the current rate of decline, giving to the Church will decline by 50% in less than 30 years! The church that survives into the future is the church that plans for tomorrow today. We will discuss practical tips on how your church can achieve financial stability to better fulfill your vision.
Foster Care
Thomas Covington, Bright Foster Care | Christian Fostering in Today’s World
As followers of Christ we are called to love and serve the most vulnerable among us and fostering children is a way you and your church can help. In this session you’ll discover the current state of fostering in Georgia and learn how a ministry to foster parents and adoptive families can bring new life to your church. You will come to understand that a foster family is on mission every day for children in need and how you and your church can be this much needed ministry.
Outreach & Assimilation
Tyler Smith, Text In Church | Boomerang:  The Power of Effective Guest Follow-up
Tyler Smith joined Scott Smith of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board to talk through 3 strategies to effectively reach your community during the uncertain times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of staying connected.

- The Online Attendance Bump | Sending 2 simple text messages can increase your online attendance by 10-15%
- Gather Attendee Contact Info | Leverage digital connection cards to collect your attendees' contact information
- Live Stream Follow-up Plan | Combine the best communication methods to create the perfect 6-week follow-up system


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