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Hispanic Ministry
Otto Sanchez | Cómo desarrollar un programa de discipulado en su iglesia PART 2
La sesión se divide en dos partes de 45 minutos: Cómo desarrollar un programa de discipulado en su iglesia.
Jerry Johnson | Gen Z:  Five Things that Give Us Hope for the Church
We read gloom and doom about this new generation of young people everywhere. The reality is that Generation Z makes up 27.7% of the U.S population – more than Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. This is the future church, and the news is not all bad. Because of the unique perspective, energy, and responsiveness this generation brings, the future church may be a bit closer to authentically following Jesus and His life than we might guess. A biblical, bold, strategic, and intentional response is needed now if we are going to be faithful to Christ's call and to future generations of believers.
Jeff Jackson | How to Make the Gospel Priority in Servant Ministry
As the Church meets the physical needs of the people around us, a bridge is built for the gospel. Learn how the church can build a Servant Ministry to impact the Kingdom.
Family Ministry
Scott Sullivan and Kenneth Aycock | How to Disciple Your Family
Join Kenneth Aycock and Scott Sullivan as they lead this breakout focused on Family Discipleship. Join us for a time of discussion of best practices that will help the church to equip parents to be the spiritual leaders of their home.
International Mission Board
D. Ray Davis | Local to Global: A Big Picture View of Your Church On Mission (International Mission Board)
A fully mobilized church inspires and equips members to pray, give, go, and send from here to the ends of the earth. But, how does a leader guide the whole church to grow in this journey? Come discuss how you can lead your church to do your part.
Buck Burch | The Acts 1:8 Missions Portfolio
God has given His church four different types of mission fields. Acts 1:8 uses terminology that helps us understand God's intention for us to be involved in engaging the lost, making disciples, simultaneously and with equal measure in each one of those areas. The Acts 1:8 Missions Portfolio can help you determine four specific fields for your church and begin a strategic plan of engagement. Discover how your church can enter into a long-term missions consultation with specialized help in preparing and going on mission.
Next Gen Kids
Monec Johnson | Nuts and Bolts of Special Needs Ministry
You'll discover some of the basic things you need to have and to do to have a special needs ministry in your church.
Next Gen Students
Mitch Norman | Overcoming Anxiety:  De-stressing Your Student!
Students are stressing out! Like never before, students are overcome with anxiety and stress. What can we do as leaders to help them overcome? How can parents be trained to help students live in this anxious culture? Does your youth ministry speak into this growing concern? We will talk about the answers to these questions. See you there!
PJ Dunn | Be a Single Friendly Church
It's not about a program; it's about people. Find ways to help your church reach all of your community and be friendly towards single adults of all ages and backgrounds.
Women's Mission and Ministry
Paulette DeHart | Sharing the Good News Through Literacy:  3 Fun Ways Demonstrated
Three fun ways of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ will be demonstrated to show you how "Each one can teach one" to make an eternal impact. The three demonstrations will show: 1) How easy it is to teach reading to a semi-literate adult; 2) How fun teaching conversational English to people from around the world can be without knowing any of their languages; and 3) How effective tutoring children or youth can be. See how easily YOU can make a difference, or share what you have learned with someone you know who would be perfect for this ministry!
Worship and Music
Susan Eernisse | Children's Choir Leadership 101: Making the Most of Every Moment
Children's choir leaders teach so much more than music reading and performance preparation. Let's explore ways to incorporate spiritual truths into the fabric of rehearsals and highlight ways to direct children as worship leaders rather than performers.
Worship and Music
Marty Parks | Small Choir, Big Impact
We will examine rehearsal and performance Ideas to take your choir from puny to powerful. This session will include the greatest recruiting tool ever!


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