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Next Gen Students
Billy Christol | Erasing the Whiteboard
Today's youth leader has more information than we ever imagined. Every day we are bombarded with blogs, podcasts, and enough research to fill thousands of books. But is it really helping? It's time to erase the whiteboard. We will dig past the trends, schemes, and statistics to discover our true purpose for what matters: Growing students closer to Jesus and each other.

Our calendars are packed! We've created dozens of events and activities to fulfill our church requirements by relying on our own traditions and cultural understanding. But is it working? We need to fill our whiteboards with effective ministry. We will dig into drawing Christ out of Generation Z to advance the gospel by utilizing their passion and diversity. From there, we will build a solid foundation for our current and future students.
Senior Adults
Benny Pate | Helping 55+ Groups to Grow
Senior adult Sunday schools and small groups need to grow. Many are in a rut – doing the same thing, the same way, week after week, and honestly getting the same results. This can be changed with some needed adjustments on how we approach this vital ministry in our churches. This session will help our 55 and over groups gain a new perspective on how to grow.
PJ Dunn | Your Church Needs Singles
Singles are unique. Learn about singles are dating, engaged, divorced, single parents, widows, same-sex attraction singles, or never married. We will talk about how your church can connect with each.
Small Groups
Dallas White | Making Groups Missional Again
Over time, groups – no matter how well-intentioned – tend to turn inward. Pastor Dallas White will share 10 shifts that groups of all shapes and sizes can embrace in order to rediscover their missional identity.
Sunday School
Jonathan Jordan | What is, and How Do You as a Leader, Deal with a "Sunday School Stump?"
Learning how to navigate carefully around difficult classes while remaining focused on accomplishing your goals is difficult. We will discuss how to be redemptive but at the same time work towards Sunday school goals that are essential for growth.
Sunday School
Steve Parr | Developing a Strategy for Training Leaders
Did you know that the number one quantifiable influence on the strength of your Bible study groups is directly related to the training strategy? How can you effectively equip leaders around their busy schedules? Learn how effective churches equip leaders who in turn make their ministries strong and effective.
Women's Mission and Ministry
Lorna Bius | Mission Georgia:  Bringing Help and Hope to the Greatest Needs in Georgia
Lorna Bius will share ways your church can make deeper connections in your community as you serve needs. She will share core values and practical insight that will help you identify new opportunities or next steps. You'll also hear about Mission Georgia's five areas of need as well as the efforts to respond to COVID-19.
Women's Mission and Ministry
Lorna Bius | The Call to Foster Care Ministry in Georgia
Even before the COVID-19 crisis, there was an urgent need for foster parents and support in Georgia. Many expect the recent pandemic to increase the need even more. Join a panel of leaders in foster care ministry as they discuss ways your church or small group can bring the hope of Jesus to children in Georgia. You'll hear about becoming a foster parent and how to support foster families. This discussion, hosted by Mission Georgia, will offer practical tips and real life stories that will encourage and equip you to bring gospel-centered care to families in your community.
Worship and Music
Keith Chandler | Choosing Music for the Smaller Church
Learn methods of choosing music for your choir. Teach an old dog a new trick!


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