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Brad Marchman

SPICE: A Blueprint for Building Evangelistic Churches
Every pastor wants to reach more lost people with the gospel. Every pastor wants to see their people actively participating in the in the task of evangelism. SPICE training is a tool that will help make this a reality for your church. SPICE stands for Strategic Plan for Intentional and Continuous Evangelism. The SPICE training will help you develop a plan not only to reach more lost people in your community, but also lead your people to be more gospel focused and mobilized to participate in the process. SPICE is a tool that will help you change the culture of your church and have your people looking to impact their community with the gospel.

Presenter Bio

Brad is the evangelism consultant for the central regions of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. Brad’s entire ministry is marked by a passion for evangelism. He has served as the Evangelism Pastor at one of the leading baptism churches in Louisiana and spent close to 15 years leading a church in Georgia to have a passion to reach the lost. His favorite thing to do in ministry is to help pastors develop a plan for their church to have an outward focus. Brad has been married to Casey for 26 years, and they have three children: Brady (22), Griffin (20), and Mary Beth (19).

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