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Scott Sullivan | 5 Essentials for a Great Small Group/Sunday School Leader  
Learn five key characteristics of group leaders who excel weekly at teaching and leading. This session is packed with valuable content to help you take the next step in making disciple makers in a group setting.

Bill Wilks | The Greater Work: Disciple Making Anytime Anywhere 
With no church buildings or ministry budgets, Jesus launched a grassroots disciple-making movement that literally turned the world upside down. Regardless of the size or location of your building, join us as we consider how to reignite the disciple-making movement of the early church and build a church without walls through your ministry.

Church Security
Greg Love | Sexual Abuse Risk: Changes in the Landscape 
Child sexual abuse is traumatic; mishandling an abuse allegation can compound the trauma. How a ministry handles an outcry can tremendously impact an abuse victim/survivor – both good and bad. Gregory Love will discuss the importance of correctly taking an abuse allegation – current outcries and historical allegations. The session will also address most ministries' fear of 'false allegations.

Pastor Wellness
David Smith | Reclaiming Your Physical Health 
Many years of ministry stress and neglect of my health took a toll on me much more significantly than I realized. Reclaiming my physical health provided a renewed focus and energy for God's calling on my life. Join this session as we discuss how to reclaim your physical health.   

Pastor Wellness
Jason Britt | Unleashing Leadership from the Inside Out
As pastors and church leaders, God has given us everything we need regarding Leadership and influence by entrusting us with His people. Come hear the story of how God unleashed a new work at Bethlehem Church when the people joined the mission to reach those who weren't in the church. We'll look at practical tips on empowering volunteer leaders, principles for unleashing a culture of Leadership within the church, and encouragement along the way in your revitalization efforts.

Church Planting, Replanting, Revitalization
Kenneth Priest | Foundations of Church Revitalization 
We will define church revitalization and its sub-categories of church replanting, mergers and acquisitions, and spiritual renewal. Foundational steps will be provided for developing and launching a revitalization process in your church.

Next Gen Students 
Shane Pruitt | Reaching the Next Generation with the Gospel 
In this session, we will learn about the next generation and the best practices to compare them with the Gospel. We will also discuss current trends and how this generation is responding to the Gospel in ways that indicate that they are not the church's future but are the church now.

Next Gen Children 
Landry Holmes | Ages and Stages Discipleship for Home and Church 
Today's parents feel ill-equipped to spiritually train and educate their preschoolers and elementary-aged kids. Based on the principle that preschoolers and kids learn and comprehend concepts differently as they mature, we will look at how to provide an age-suitable discipleship approach at home and church.

Steve Foster | Making Your Events Evangelistic 
Growing churches prioritize their events and leverage them to produce a harvest by intentionally being evangelistic. Steve will share eight steps in planning a significant evangelistic event to engage your church members in evangelistic excitement in reaching lost people with the Gospel.

Worship & Music
Teri Van Duyn | Creating LifeLong Worshippers: Why Next Gen Worship? 
One of the most asked questions in worship and music ministry today is this: How do we get more young people involved? One way is to start encouraging the youngest people in our congregation to live a life of worship. Teri has done this for many years at the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida. In this breakout, you will learn how to create a ministry for our younger generations to help them engage in our local churches' worship and music ministries. Come see how to create passion in the youngest members of your church to use their talents in your church.

Women's Ministry
Connie Dixon | The Leadership Pivot: Embracing Your Strengths
It's common to only focus on weaknesses and improvement areas when assessing your leadership skills and style. But what would happen if you made a pivot toward your strengths? Join in and learn how to embrace your leadership strengths and take them to the next level.

Beverly Skinner | Engaged, Equipped, and Empowered for Collegiate Ministry 
Level up the young adult ministry in your church by engaging students on your community's college or university campus. This interactive dialogue will include a veteran BCM campus minister and a church staff member who is a volunteer BCM leader. The discussion will explore how your church can be equipped and empowered for effective ministry on your local college campus.

Hispanic Ministry 
Deris Coto | Mitos Sobre Evangelismo 
Exploraremos los Mitos de Evangelismo que impiden que las personas compartan el Evangelio con quienes los rodean.

Associational Missions 
Bob Bumgarner | Associational Leadership: The Struggle is Real
If your last 24 months have been anything like most of us, you have been reminded that holding a leadership position is not the same as leading. In our time together, we will consider five helpful tools to increase your value as an associational leader.

Disaster Relief
Dwain Carter | Disaster Relief: Being Part of Something Larger Than Yourself 
Disaster is inevitable, and the local church is uniquely positioned to meet this challenge purposefully. Join this breakout to learn how to do evangelism and discipleship by engaging in Disaster Relief. 


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