Spark Conference

Northwest Regions Live Gathering

First Baptist Church of Alpharetta, GA
Saturday, Aug 20

Jimmy Scroggins, Keynote

Jimmy Scroggins is an author, nationally known speaker, and the Senior Pastor of the Family Church—a network of neighborhood churches in South Florida. He teaches as a visiting professor at both Southern and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminaries. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Jacksonville University, as well as an M.Div and a Ph.D from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Prior to his call to West Palm Beach, Jimmy served as the Dean of Boyce College from 2004-2008 as well as Student Minister/Teaching Pastor at Highview Baptist Church in Louisville from 1997-2008. Jimmy and his wife Kristen have eight children.

Breakout Descriptions

Being a Single-Friendly Church led by PJ Dunn
One-third of families are single-parent households. Over half the adults in America today are single adults. Forty percent of marriages end in divorce, and the average age for marriage is now 31 for men and 29 for women. Churches that embrace singles of all backgrounds will be the church that reaches the community. Learn simple and easy ways to connect with singles around you without starting a program or ministry.
Authentic Relationships with Young Adults to Make Disciples led by PJ Dunn
“Salvation is free, but discipleship costs everything we have” – Billy Graham. For us to reach young adults and collegiate-age adults, we have to be a friend worth having. Relationships are foundational for disciples to make disciples, so why are they so hard?
Leading your Church to be on Mission while keeping the “Mission” in Mind led by Keith Ivey
Move the needle on your church’s level of missions engagement! Is missions just a preference or a program? What difference would it make if missions was a priority or a passion in the life of your church? And what does missions have to do with evangelism and discipleship? 
Next Level Missions: Moving from Priority to Passion led by Keith Ivey
As a pastor or missions leader, how can I lead our church to more deeply engage with God’s mission in the world today and how can I develop a more meaningful strategy to reach my Jerusalem (my local community)? Come ready to share some things that have worked in your context too!
Are you fluent in the GOSPEL? led by Rick Biesiadecki
In this seminar, you will receive info and training in sharing the GOSPEL, and tools to help you train others to do the same. Practical and useful. 
Fred Odom
Create Moments that Count led by Fred Odom
We all want to create those special moments for the people our organization serves, yet it can sometimes feel like a moving target. In this session, you will learn how Chick-fil-A approaches this challenge, and the process they use to create moments that count for the Customers they serve. 
Church Planting and Revitalizing led by Chris Renfro, Ryan McHammack and Michael McKee
We have a need for more thriving gospel-centered, mission-driven churches. We will be discussing the nuts and bolts of church planting and revitalization as we hear different strategies for leading your church, creating a culture and reaching the surrounding community.
This is for: current planters, future planters, those who are in the process of revitalization, and those interested in learning more or partnering with others in these efforts.
Worship + Tech  led by Myles Chatham, Hector Arocho and TBD Guest
A panel discussion to equip leaders and leverage tools for congregational worship. 
Creative + Media  led by Myles Chatham, Drew Carroll, Emily Smythe and TBD Guest
A panel discussion exploring ever changing ways to share a never-changing message. 
Back to the Basics: Student Ministry 101 led by John McTaqqart
This breakout is designed to give a ten thousand foot view of student ministry. We will focus on self-management, systems thinking, recruiting and training, and focusing on people first. 
Rethink, Rebuild, and Refresh led by Beth Browning
We have all been changed by the shifting landscape of our world during these past two years and our ministries are no different. This breakout is designed to walk through some of the shifts we’ve found most important in order to rethink, rebuild, and refresh Women’s Ministry so that it can continue to be impactful and effective reaching and ministering to women everywhere.
Planning and executing quality, purposeful events led by Beth Browning
The playbook is yours in this breakout as we walk through all of the details of dreaming, planning and executing a quality event for your ministry. You will leave with a complete game plan (including a master event checklist) that you can easily use and implement, containing strategies like balancing an event budget, building a quality team of volunteers, and executing proven marketing methods for your next event!
The 5 secrets of a successful Women’s Bible Study Group led by Beth Browning
Whether it’s recruiting and developing leaders, leading your own effective Bible Study, or anything in-between, this breakout is designed to unpack the 5 secrets we’ve found that create a successful group. We will unpack each secret, and help you implement them in your own group(s) starting right away.
Leading Change in Ministry led by Steve Browning 
Whether you are leading a small group, a large ministry, or an entire church one of the greatest challenges you will face is leading change. We will talk about practical ways you can guide change in ministry while still maintaining unity and creating momentum among those you lead.
Rise to the Challenge Part 1 led by Hannah Shirley, Marjie Posey, Casey Prince
You will learn practical tips and suggestions to help your team as you strive to meet the more challenging needs of our friends with special needs. Topics will range from communication, behavior, de-escalation techniques and more.
Rise to the Challenge Part 2 led by Amy Kirby
You will learn the best ways to engage all the students by scaffolding and using a variety of methods and mediums as you teach the Gospel to individuals with special needs.
Family Matters led by Nan Britt
Join us as we learn how to come alongside of the family unit to care for and encourage them. We will also discover ways to involve the entire family in the special needs ministry of the church.
How to get your members “cheeks out of their seats” and putting their faith into action! led by Kraig Kelsey
A healthy church has a large percentage of members serving in ministry. Explore the “how to’s” of ramping up member involvement.
Avoiding Burnout led by Larry Wynn
When I was a young pastor, a popular saying was, “I would rather burn out than rust out.” I even started repeating it in sermons. It was later I learned that in reality God doesn’t want us to rust out or burn out; He wants us to last out. My desire is to share with you some principles that will help you to last out for God!
Being an encouragement to your pastor led by Larry Wynn
When I was a young pastor, a popular saying was, “I would rather burn out than rust out.” I even started repeating it in sermons. It was later I learned that in reality God doesn’t want us to rust out or burn out; He wants us to last out. My desire is to share with you some principles that will help you to last out for God!
This breakout session will challenge you to the core in your quest to develop a multi-ethnic model of ministry. It will give you the decision-making tools to go from questioning to conviction when it comes to this type of ministry model.

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