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Connecting with International Students: The Uttermost at Your Doorstep (Teresa Royall, Campus Minister, Georgia State University)
If you are near a college campus, your church can have a fast track toward reaching the nations. There is no better missionary than a new Christian returning home after a life-changing experience with Christ.

Gen Z:  Five Things that Give Us Hope for the Church (Jerry Johnson, Sr. Campus Minister, University of Georgia)
We read gloom and doom about this new generation of young people everywhere. The reality is that Generation Z makes up 27.7% of the U.S population – more than Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. This is the future church, and the news is not all bad. Because of the unique perspective, energy, and responsiveness this generation brings, the future church may be a bit closer to authentically following Jesus and His life than we might guess. A biblical, bold, strategic, and intentional response is needed now if we are going to be faithful to Christ's call and to future generations of believers.


How to Disciple Your Family (Scott Sullivan, Discipleship Catalyst; Kenneth Aycock, Discipleship Consultant)
Join Kenneth Aycock and Scott Sullivan as they lead this breakout focused on Family Discipleship. Join us for a time of discussion of best practices that will help the church to equip parents to be the spiritual leaders of their home.


Launch of New Resource! No Sweat Evangelism (Levi Skipper, Church Strengthening Lead Strategist)
Learn how to lead your church to make sharing Jesus a natural part of their daily lives.

How to Make the Gospel Priority in Servant Ministry (Jeff Jackson, Senior Pastor, First Redeemer Church)
As the Church meets the physical needs of the people around us, a bridge is built for the gospel. Learn how the church can build a Servant Ministry to impact the Kingdom.


Space:  The Final Frontier (Steve Aydelott, President, SOA Construction)
This session is designed to help church leaders understand the importance and process of conducting a Church Facility Space Plan Analysis. 

Hispanic Ministry

La GRAN COMISION (Oscar Tortolero, Hispanic Church Mobilizer, International Mission Board)
Cuando se trata de misiones, muchas personas e iglesias no toman el llamado en serio y prefieren no cumplir con la misión y el mandatado que nos dejo Jesús: La GRAN COMISION. Si eres cristiano estas llamado a “hacer discípulos de todas las naciones.” Veremos como crear una cultura misionera dentro de su iglesia. La Misión de Dios como una identidad y no solo como una actividad.

Como construir un equipo de liderazgo en su iglesia (Otto Sanchez, Lead Pastor of Iglesia Bautista Ozama and President of the Dominican Baptist Theological Seminary, anto Domingo, Dominican Republic)
How to build a leadership team in your church. 
La sesión se divide en dos partes de 45 minutos: Cómo construir un equipo de liderazgo en su iglesia.
Session is broken into two parts of 45 minutes: How to build a leadership team in your church.

Como desarrollar un programa de discipulado en su iglesia (Otto Sanchez, Lead Pastor of Iglesia Bautista Ozama and President of the Dominican Baptist Theological Seminary, anto Domingo, Dominican Republic)
How to build a discipleship program in your church. 
La sesión se divide en dos partes de 45 minutos: Cómo construir un equipo de liderazgo en su iglesia.
Session is broken into two parts of 45 minutes: How to build a leadership team in your church.

International Mission Board

Reaching the Nations Next Door (Terry Sharp, Convention and Network Relations Leader and co-leader of the Diaspora Coalition, International Mission Board)
God is providing Great Commission opportunities by bringing people groups from around the world and placing them within arm's reach of our churches. Learn about resources and the practical steps to help you and churches discover and reach the immigrants, refugees, and international students in your community for global impact.

Reaching the Chinese Muslims (Ezra Bae, Asian Church Mobilization Strategist, International Mission Board)
There are 56 ethnic groups in China. Among them 10 are Muslim ethics with more than 2.7 million people and 35,000 mosques in China. They all speak different languages and were born as Muslims. How can we share the gospel with them? Please come and let us discuss it together.

Recapturing a Legacy of Global Evangelization in the Black Church to Reach the World (Jason Thomas, African American Church Mobilization Strategist, International Mission Board)
The African American church has a strong history of thriving through adversity while still focusing on world evangelization. We will explore how we can revive those core tenets to increase our numbers in global missions to reach the unreached no matter the cost.

Creating a Missional DNA: Mobilizing the Local Church to Live on Mission (D Ray Davis, Church Mobilization Strategist, International Mission Board)
A fully mobilized church inspires and equips members to pray, give, go, and send from here to the ends of the earth. But, how does a leader guide the whole church to grow in this journey? Come discuss how you can lead your church to do your part.

Men's Ministry

5 Principles of an Effective Men's Ministry (Ray Sullivan, Discipleship Consultant in the Southeast Region, Georgia Baptist Mission Board)
Many of us are struggling to reach and engage men in our churches. Events have drawn them in, but most have slipped out the back door. Is it time for us to rethink our approach to men's ministry? Whether you are just beginning or are seeking to revive your ministry, this session will discuss five basic principles to keep in mind if you desire a sustainable discipleship strategy for your men and practical tips for strategizing and planning your ministry.


The Acts 1:8 Missions Portfolio (Buck Burch, Missions Catalyst, Georgia Baptist Mission Board)
God has given His church four different types of mission fields. Acts 1:8 uses terminology that helps us understand God's intention for us to be involved in engaging the lost, making disciples, simultaneously and with equal measure in each one of those areas. The Acts 1:8 Missions Portfolio can help you determine four specific fields for your church and begin a strategic plan of engagement. Discover how your church can enter into a long-term missions consultation with specialized help in preparing and going on mission.

Next Gen Kids

I Love to Tell the Story (Klista Storts, Childhood Ministry Specialist, LifeWay Christian Resources)
Make your group time more exciting as you help Bible stories come alive for your preschoolers. As kids are involved in the stories, they'll understand better how the Bible applies to their lives today.

Preschool Kids Ministry Safety and Security:  Do We Have to? (Klista Storts, Childhood Ministry Specialist, LifeWay Christian Resources)
It's a tough subject, but, yes, we have to! Parents entrust you and your church with their most precious possessions: Their children. Protect your kids, your church, and yourself by making sure you're doing everything you can to ensure your kids are safe. We'll also discuss new policies you may need to implement in light of the pandemic.

Equipping Parents for Family Ministry (Dawn Schaffer, Minister to Children and Families, Lost Mountain Baptist Church)
The Bible clearly states that parents should be the spiritual leaders in their homes. This session will give you ways to help equip the parents for this role.

Nuts and Bolts of Special Needs Ministry (Monec Johnson, Lead Director of Connections, First Baptist Church)
You'll discover some of the basic things you need to have and to do to have a special needs ministry in your church.

Next Gen Students

Getting Started: What I did to Start and What I would do Differently (Gideon Ajagbe, Student Pastor, First Baptist Church, Snellville)
Every ministry and ministry season is different. We will discuss how to start a new ministry to students. This breakout is practical help for anyone in student ministry, but it's especially helpful if you are in a new season or need a new perspective.

Maximize Discipleship: A Gospel Lifestyle that Builds Every Day Missionaries (Scott Kindig, Executive Pastor for Kingdom Initiatives, Community Bible Church)
Jesus spent 50% of his time investing in 12 disciples for three years. This mentor-to-learner engagement moved the pupils to be disciples by teaching them to imitate Jesus and integrate the gospel into a lifestyle. This breakout is intended to create a holistic process that empowers and release disciples into their Kingdom calling to become every day missionaries. This breakout is for leaders of students and everyone who desires to make disciples.

Erasing the Whiteboard (Billy Christol, Associate and Student Pastor, Burning Bush Baptist Church)
"Today's youth leader has more information than we ever imagined. Every day we are bombarded with blogs, podcasts and enough research to fill thousands of books. But is it really helping? It's time to erase the whiteboard. We will dig past the trends, schemes, and statistics to discover our true purpose for what matters: Growing students closer to Jesus and each other.

Our calendars are packed! We've created dozens of events and activities to fulfill our church requirements by relying on our own traditions and cultural understanding. But is it working? We need to fill our whiteboards with effective ministry. We will dig into drawing Christ out of Generation Z to advance the gospel utilizing their passion and diversity. From there, we will build a solid foundation for our current and future students."

Middle School Development: Why Are Middle Schoolers So Weird? (Chris Boggess, Next Gen & Middle School Pastor, NorthStar Church)
This session will help you grow as a leader of these wonderful creatures who are created in God's image. Middle Schoolers are awesome! We will discuss the needs of middle school students and help you design small groups to meet their specific needs as they go through physical and psychological changes.

Overcoming Anxiety: De-stressing your Student! (Mitch Norman, Youth Pastor, First Baptist Church, Winder)
Students are stressing out! Like never before, students are overcome with anxiety and stress. What can we do as leaders to help them overcome? How can parents be trained to help students live in this anxious culture? Does your youth ministry speak into this growing concern? We will talk about the answers to these questions. See you there!

Pastor Wellness

The Reality of Expectations: Conversations with Pastors' Wives (Mary Cox, Pastors' Wives Consultant, Pastor Wellness, Georgia Baptist Mission Board)
Join us for this roundtable discussion about expectations placed on pastors' wives. Hosted by Mary Cox, we will hear perspectives from pastors' wives from various church sizes and experiences. Ultimately, we want to answer this question: How do we put those expectations in perspective?

Wellpreneur: Becoming the CEO of Your Own Health (Tanaya Meaders, Wellness Consultant, Pastor Wellness, Georgia Baptist Mission Board)
This session will review navigating your health journey from the role of CEO, focusing on where to start, what to do, how to measure the return/progression, and education/awareness resourcing – all for your physical and mental health.

Navigating Your Financial Future (Shawn Dorrough, Senior Relationship Manager, GuideStone Financial Resources)
The last few months have brought a lot of uncertainty and disruption in our economy. Thankfully, we know our Lord is in control and not caught off-guard by anything that happens. This session will discuss the strategies to help you stay on track with your retirement and financial goals.

Public Affairs and Child Protection

The Christian’s Response to the Growing LGBT Culture (Mike Griffin, Public Affairs and Child Protection, Georgia Baptist Mission Board)
This is a comprehensive study on how the church can reach out to the gay community without compromising the gospel and the integrity of church membership. It is important that churches respond lovingly, but firmly, on biblical truth.

Reducing the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse in the Church (Mike Griffin, Public Affairs and Child Protection, Georgia Baptist Mission Board)
This class is about what the church can do to protect our children against sexual abuse. It is important that every church understand the risks and have policies and procedures that create a safe environment for their children and those who serve them.

Senior Adults

Today's Senior Adults (Benny Pate)
Many churches that have or want to have a viable senior adult ministry would benefit from this session. With the changes in the culture around us, we need to understand how this impacts our work with those over 55 in the local church. We need to gain a better understanding of how to minister to and with senior adults today.

Helping 55+ Groups to Grow (Benny Pate)
Senior adult Sunday schools and small groups need to grow. Many are in a rut – doing the same thing, the same way, week after week, and honestly getting the same results. This can be changed with some needed adjustments on how we approach this vital ministry in our churches. This session will help our 55 and over groups gain a new perspective on how to grow.


Be a Single Friendly Church (PJ Dunn, Discipleship Consultant in the Southwest Region, Georgia Baptist Mission Board)
It's not about a program; it's about people. Find ways to help your church reach all of your community and be friendly towards single adults of all ages and backgrounds.

Your Church Needs Single Adults (PJ Dunn, Discipleship Consultant in the Southwest Region, Georgia Baptist Mission Board)
Singles are unique. Learn about singles that are dating, engaged, divorced, single parents, widows, same-sex attraction singles, or never married. We will talk about how your church can connect with each.

Small Groups

Return on Investment (Dallas White, Senior Pastor at The Grove and Small Group Specialist for Discipleship, Georgia Baptist Mission Board)
All of us are called to be make disciples, yet few have a simple and effective strategy for doing so. Pastor Dallas White will share a simple yet effective six-step approach to making disciples.

Making Groups Missional Again (Dallas White, Senior Pastor at The Grove and Small Group Specialist for Discipleship, Georgia Baptist Mission Board)
Over time, groups – no matter how well-intentioned – tend to turn inward. Pastor Dallas White will share 10 shifts that groups of all shapes and sizes can embrace in order to rediscover their missional identity.

Sunday School

Ensure your Sunday School Class remains Evangelistic (Jonathan Jordan, Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church, Douglas)
Join us as we discover how to ensure your Sunday school remains evangelistic and does not get bogged down in the same old routine.

Sunday School Stumps and How to Deal with Them (Jonathan Jordan, Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church, Douglas)
Learning how to navigate carefully around difficult classes while remaining focused on accomplishing your goals is difficult. We will discuss how to be redemptive but at the same time work towards Sunday school goals that are essential for growth.

Sunday School That Really Works (Steve Parr, Executive Director, Gwinnett Metro Baptist Network)
Can your Sunday morning Bible study groups still be effective in today's environment? We will walk through principles that churches can use to help their Sunday morning groups to thrive.

Developing a Strategy for Training Leaders (Steve Parr, Executive Director, Gwinnett Metro Baptist Network)
Did you know that the number one quantifiable influence on the strength of your Bible study groups is directly related to the training strategy? How can you effectively equip leaders around their busy schedules? Learn how effective churches equip leaders who in turn make their ministries strong and effective.

Women's Missions and Ministry

Mission Georgia: Bringing Help and Hope to the Greatest Needs in Georgia (Lorna Bius, Mission Georgia Mobilizer, Georgia Baptist Mission Board)
Lorna Bius will share ways your church can make deeper connections in your community as you serve needs. She will share core values and practical insight that will help you identify new opportunities or next steps. You'll also hear about Mission Georgia's five areas of need as well as the efforts to respond to COVID-19.

The Call to Foster Care Ministry in Georgia (Lorna Bius, Mission Georgia Mobilizer, Georgia Baptist Mission Board)
Even before the COVID-19 crisis, there was an urgent need for foster parents and support in Georgia. Many expect the recent pandemic to increase the need even more. Join a panel of leaders in foster care ministry as they discuss ways your church or small group can bring the hope of Jesus to children in Georgia. You'll hear about becoming a foster parent and how to support foster families. This discussion, hosted by Mission Georgia, will offer practical tips and real life stories that will encourage and equip you to bring gospel-centered care to families in your community.

Discipling Women in Their 20s and 30s (Ashley Chesnutt, Associate Singles 20s/30s Minister at The Church at Brook Hills, Birmingham)
With the Internet and smartphones shaping their lives, Millennials and iGen are more connected, more anxious, more tolerant, and less prepared for adulthood than previous generations. Learn how these two generations think about sexuality, mental health, religion, and life and how we as Christians can disciple these younger generations.

4 Easy Ways to Incorporate More Missions Discipleship into Your Children's Ministry (Jess Archer, Children and Youth Missions Strategist, Louisiana Baptist Convention)
Are the children in your ministry missions-minded? Do they understand the Great Commission and desire to share Jesus with their friends? Check out these effective tips to get your children involved in missions. The best part? You can incorporate them into what you're already doing! 

Every Woman, In Community, On Mission (Beth Ann Williams, Lead Strategist; Karen Pace, Leadership and Children's Missions Consultant; Beverly Skinner, Young Women, Women's Ministry, and Communications Consultant, Georgia Baptist Women, Georgia Baptist Mission Board)
The heartbeat of Georgia Baptist Women is to see every woman be in a relationship with Jesus, connected in community, and on mission where they live and around the world. Georgia Baptist Women staff will share the vision of "Every Woman, In Community, On Mission" and practical ways it can be implemented in your church, no matter where you are. At the conclusion of this session, you will be better equipped to lead women to fulfill the Great Commission and the Greatest Commandment.

3 Fun Ways to Share the Good News through Literacy (Paulette DeHart, Literacy Missions Consultant, Georgia Baptist Mission Board)
Three fun ways of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ will be demonstrated to show you how "Each one can teach one" to make an eternal impact. The three demonstrations will show:  1) How easy it is to teach reading to a semi-literate adult; 2) How fun teaching conversational English to people from around the world can be without know any of their languages; and 3) How effective tutoring children or youth can be. See how easily YOU can make a difference, or share what you have learned with someone you know who would be perfect for this ministry!

Worship and Music

Choosing Music for the Smaller Church (Keith Chandler, Statewide Consultant, Worship and Music, Georgia Baptist Mission Board)
Learn methods of choosing music for your choir. Teach an old dog a new trick!

Understanding Nashville Numbers: Combining Functional Harmonic Theory with Chord Notation (Nathan Burggraff, Assistant Professor of Music Theory, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)
The Nashville Number system is a useful way of notating harmonic progressions, similar to chord charts, while showing musical function within that progression, similar to Roman numerals. This session will explain how the Nashville Number system works and demonstrate its usefulness for solo and ensemble playing in church settings.

Reharmonizing Melodies: Adding Musical Interest to Mundane Chord Progressions (Nathan Burggraff, Assistant Professor of Music Theory, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)
While the adage "second verse, same as the first" is often true of hymn playing – particularly the harmonies being played – reharmonizing a hymn tune can be an effective way to draw attention to specific lyrics in the text. This session will provide practical tips to create text painting by reharmonizing a hymn tune, which can be used during congregational singing or for special music.

Conductor as a Visual Representation of Meaning (Ken Gabrielse, Dean and Professor of Music, Felix Manz School of Music, Truett McConnell University)
Church congregations will always respond joyfully to a choir singing with vocal/physical energy and strong facial expressions rooted in textual understanding and strong musical response. It is the role of a conductor to remind each singer to be physically and mentally engaged at all times – in rehearsal and performance. There may always be notes to fix, mechanics to teach, and voices to blend, but the congregation responds to how the choir reflects the meaning of text. This begins with the study and practice of the conductor.

Children's Choir Leadership 101:  Making the Most of Every Moment (Susan Eernisse, Director of Christian Education and Children's Music, First Baptist Church, Carrollton)
Children's choir leaders teach so much more than music reading and performance preparation. Let's explore ways to incorporate spiritual truths into the fabric of rehearsals and highlight ways to direct children as worship leaders rather than performers.

Small Choir, Big Impact (Marty Parks, Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator, and Producer, Wesley Chapel)
We will examine rehearsal and performance Ideas to take your choir from puny to powerful. This session will include the greatest recruiting tool ever!

Creating a Healthy Worship Culture (Joel Goddard, Worship Pastor, Bethlehem Church)
How do you lead a congregation to worship when all you can see is the red recording light of a camera in front of you? How can you encourage your people to sing with great faith as they perhaps confront their own fears? Joel Goddard and his worship team will discuss how a healthy church worship culture can shape and influence the life of a church ministry. The session will include topics like worship team leadership, worship planning and preparation, and specifically address the cultural moment of dealing with the effects of COVID-19 on our church gatherings.

Church Online: How Media Directors can Accelerate into this New Normal (Josh McFadden, Service Programming Director, Bethlehem Church)
Six months ago, online church was an often debated topic, as the necessity of physical gatherings was pitted against a growing trend of online church attendees. During the pandemic of COVID-19, church online became the primary means of gathering for almost every church in America. This has been an unprecedented pivot in church culture and, in some capacity, it seems online church is here to stay for some time. This breakout session will be a discussion of how we, as church media teams, move forward and think well about the use of online church gatherings. How can we accelerate growth and training for volunteers and how can we increase interaction and connection to our online attendees? Join us as we discuss this critical topic.


The Call Out Church Platform: Using Tech to Build a Great Commission Church One Relationship at a Time (It’s Easier than You Think) (Chris Meadows, Rock the Dot)
Learn a new model of church management that puts the people of your ministry in the center of your ministry. Complete with an online giving tool, custom designed for your church, the Call Out Church Platform allows you to manage all aspects of your ministry anywhere, anytime from any device. With the Call Out Church Platform, you can build a full picture of each member and prospect to better engage your congregation in creating a next generation, great commission church.

Christian Fostering in Today’s World (Thomas Covington, Administrator, Bright Foster Care, a ministry of Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes)
As followers of Christ we are called to love and serve the most vulnerable among us, and fostering children is a way you and your church can help. You’ll discover the current state of fostering in Georgia and learn how a ministry to foster parents and adoptive families can bring new life to your church. You will come to understand that a foster family is on mission every day for children in need and how you and your church can be this much needed ministry.

Boomerang: The Power of Effective Guest Follow-up (Tyler Smith, Text In Church)
We'll unpack a proven three-step follow-up formula to transition your first-time guests into regular attendees. Not only will you learn the strategies, you'll also walk away with 16 follow-up templates that you can implement with your guests this weekend.

Navigating the Changing Culture and How To Protect Your Ministry (Harrison Smith, Alliance Defending Freedom)
As a Christian ministry, how do you address the changing cultural views on issues such as sexuality, marriage, and gender identity? How can your ministry love and serve everyone while not giving into the shifting morality of the day? How can you be proactive and prepare without becoming a lightning rod in the media and the courts? This seminar will explore the recent cultural and legal challenges the Church is currently facing so that you can be a good steward of your ministry, understand how to navigate these challenges, and can know how to keep the doors open for the gospel for future generations.

Reversing the Decline in Giving One Church At a Time (Mark Brooks, Acts 17 Generosity)
At the current rate of decline, giving to the Church will decline by 50% in less than 30 years! The church that survives into the future is the church that plans for tomorrow today. We will discuss practical tips on how your church can achieve financial stability to better fulfill your vision.

Your Simple Strategy for Growth in a COVID World: How to ReEngage Your People AND Reach Your Community (Jason Daye, Outreach)
Recent research reveals one in three regular church attendees are no longer attending worship services, either in-person or online. Learn a proven, God-honoring strategy to both reengage your people AND reach your community. You can even begin implementing this simple-yet-effective action plan this week! This practical session will provide you with insightful examples and free resources to help you and your church enlarge your Kingdom impact.

To Build or Not to Build (Steve Aydelott, SOA Construction)
This session will help those who are considering repurposing current space vs. building new and additional space. We will discuss the challenges and questions that you need to consider as your church moves through the process.
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