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Are you looking for new ways to get people connected with your church in a digital or contactless way?

This FREE guide will help you to...

  • Create the perfect welcome talk script for any occasion to build trust and encourage people to provide their contact information
  • Find 4 opportunities during in-person services to get your people to take action and “Sign Up” with Digital Connect Cards in a safe and contactless way
  • ​​Engage with people during your live-streamed services using Digital Connect Cards and a 3-pronged connection strategy
  • Build trust and earn the right to communicate with people outside of your church walls with 4 powerful ways people can connect through your church’s website

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Rock The  Dot Consulting

Is Your Church Legally Prepared?

Today’s culture is not always accepting, and sometimes even hostile, towards Christian beliefs. As a result, laws are changing and new issues are arising.  Because of these changes, churches across the country are experiencing legal challenges to their religious freedom. These challenges materialize in many forms: the use of church facilities, changing sexual orientation and gender identity laws, churches being denied equal access to government grants and property, employment regulations that violate churches’ beliefs, and more.     Your church needs to be prepared to face these, and other, religious freedom issues. You, as a pastor, should not have to bear this legal burden alone, and we’ve partnered with ADF Church Alliance to address this crucial matter.  

ADF Church Alliance is a membership program that provides legal help so you can freely preach and operate your church in accordance with Christian principles. The program acts as a hub for churches to gain access to experienced First Amendment lawyers who are available to answer religious liberty questions, conduct document reviews and provide advice, and even represent your church in court if necessary and appropriate – it’s virtually all-inclusive for religious freedom issues.”

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Bright Foster Care

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Christian Fostering in Today’s World

Bright Foster Care is a ministry of the Georgia Baptist Children's Homes

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Mission Georgia

Gospel-centered care for every Georgia community

Mission Georgia areas of focus

Truett McConnell University can help you find and fulfill your calling.

Truett McConnell has been equipping leaders through a Biblically-centered education for more than 70 years. Our mission is to prepare students to boldly fulfill the Great Commission in whatever their calling may be. Whether you are called to teach, called to heal, called to preach, or still seeking God’s direction, TMU offers a community that fosters growth, discipleship, and a desire to serve. Come home to TMU!

At GuideStone®, our mission is serving you. We are committed to equipping churches, universities, hospitals, mission-sending organizations and other ministries, as well as ministry-minded individuals, with products and services that promote financial, health and spiritual wellness — all while honoring the Lord.
Since our beginning in 1918, we have existed to “serve those who serve the Lord with the integrity of our hearts and skillfulness of our hands.” This means we are driven by more than just the bottom line; GuideStone is committed to Do well. Do right. Do MORE.™ 

Transforming the lives of children who have experienced abuse and neglect.
Every week, 126 new children in Georgia are removed from their homes and placed into the foster care system by the Division of Family and Children Services due to abuse, neglect, addictions, violence and more. These numbers are heartbreaking and tragic, but they are very real numbers representing very real children who we cannot ignore. We want to ensure that every child who comes into the foster system is nurtured in a loving, safe foster home where they will have the opportunity to heal and experience the love of Jesus.

Church and Non-Profit Insurance in Georgia at an Affordable Price

Gibbs and Associates is a faith-based company specializing in church insurance across the state of Georgia, including Macon, Columbus, Gainesville, and Gwinnett. Our insurance company offers proven expertise and value-added services specific to the church community. As an independent agency, we partner with top-rated companies to bring you the best product at the best price. We are passionate about ministry and those who minister. Our process is fast and straightforward. We might very well save your ministry hundreds or even thousands of dollars! Call us today for more information.

Luther Rice continues to operate on the cutting edge in offering theologically sound, biblically based, technologically advanced education to students around the world. At Luther Rice, all degrees may be earned entirely online or by a combination of both online and on-campus classes, except for the D.Min. degree which requires four, one week modules on-campus. Online course content is engaging, fresh, and designed for the online learning environment. Our entire faculty believes the Scriptures are the inspired, inerrant, and authoritative Word of God. That's what we teach! Luther Rice provides students with the tools they need to mature spiritually and realize their ministry goals. I invite you to Luther Rice. We would love to personally meet you and facilitate your life-changing experience at Luther Rice!

About Danley Sound Labs

Danley Sound Labs was founded in 2005 and enjoyed immediate success largely due to Tom Danley ’s reputation for building incredible products. Many people in the audio business said there was nothing new to be invented, but Danley Sound Labs quickly proved them wrong with a line of loudspeakers, subwoofers and other products that blew the competition out of the water. From the start, vendors were eager to be part of the team and the end result had everyone—from the major athletic facilities to high-end theaters and performing arts centers —lining up for Tom Danley’s legendary products. Legendary Name, Legendary Products Danley Sound Labs is the exclusive home of Tom Danley, one of the most innovative loudspeaker designers in the industry. Tom has pioneered numerous technologies that have been utilized in a wide range of projects including ground zero bombing simulations, active noise cancellation of jet engines, critical listening mastering studios, live sound, commercial/high-end home theatres and houses of worship around the world.

We are a fourth generation, family owned and operated insurance group providing the highest quality insurance products from over 15 companies. Our dedication to excellence has made us one of the largest independent insurance agencies in our market.

Insurance for Churches & Ministries

Bitner Henry Insurance Group understands the specific and unique needs of churches and related ministries. Our many years of experience servicing churches and ministries allow us to tailor an insurance policy to your specific needs.


Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) opened its doors in 1950 and 70 years since then our student body has grown to more than 4,700 students. Our reach from Wake Forest, North Carolina now extends across the globe. We aim to make God's Kingdom vision of people from every tribe, tongue and nation worshiping Christ together a reality on our campus and in our churches (Revelation 7:9).

Southeastern trains Great Commission-minded ministers of the Gospel. The seminary is an institution of higher learning and a Cooperative Program ministry of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).Men and women can be equipped through 40 different programs with degrees ranging from Associate of Divinity to Doctor of Philosophy, including our flagship degree, the Master of Divinity. Consider joining us at Southeastern, where our mission is “to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by equipping students to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).”

Founded in 1873, Shorter University is a Christ-centered, four-year liberal arts university committed to excellence in education. U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review annually include Shorter on their lists of best Southeastern Colleges. The university offers traditional bachelor’s degrees in 40 areas of study, as well as online associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs.

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