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Hispanic Ministry
Otto Sanchez | Cómo construir un equipo de liderazgo en su iglesia PART 2
La sesión se divide en dos partes de 45 minutos: Cómo construir un equipo de liderazgo en su iglesia.
International Mission Board
Jason Thomas | Recapturing a Legacy of Global Evangelization in the Black Church to Reach the World
The African American church has a strong history of thriving through adversity while still focusing on world evangelization. We will explore how we can revive those core tenets to increase our numbers in global missions to reach the unreached no matter the cost.
Next Gen Kids
Klista Storts | Preschool Kids Ministry Safety and Security:  Do We have To?
It's a tough subject, but, yes, we have to! Parents entrust you and your church with their most precious possessions: Their children. Protect your kids, your church, and yourself by making sure you're doing everything you can to ensure your kids are safe. We'll also discuss new policies you may need to implement in light of the pandemic.
Next Gen Students
Scott Kindig | Maximize Discipleship:  A gospel Lifestyle that Builds Every Day Missionaries
Jesus spent 50% of his time investing in 12 disciples for three years. This mentor-to-learner engagement moved the pupils to be disciples by teaching them to imitate Jesus and integrate the gospel into a lifestyle. This breakout is intended to create a holistic process that empowers and release disciples into their Kingdom calling to become every day missionaries. This breakout is for leaders of students and everyone who desires to make disciples.
Pastor Wellness
Tanaya Meaders | Wellpreneur:  Becoming the CEO of Your Own Health
This session will review navigating your health journey from the role of CEO, focusing on where to start, what to do, how to measure the return/progression, and education/awareness resourcing – all for your physical and mental health.
Public Affairs and Child Protection
Mike Griffin | Reducing the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse in the Church
This class is about what the church can do to protect our children against sexual abuse. It is important that every church understand the risks and have policies and procedures that create a safe environment for their children and those who serve them.
Senior Adults
Benny Pate | Today's Senior Adults
Many churches that have or want to have a viable senior adult ministry would benefit from this session. With the changes in the culture around us, we need to understand how this impacts our work with those over 55 in the local church. We need to gain a better understanding of how to minister to and with senior adults today.
Sunday School
Steve Parr | Sunday School That Really Works
Can your Sunday morning Bible study groups still be effective in today's environment? We will walk through principles that churches can use to help their Sunday morning groups to thrive.
Women's Mission and Ministry
Jess Archer | 4 Easy Ways to Incorporate More Missions Discipleship in Your Children's Ministry
Are the children in your ministry missions-minded? Do they understand the Great Commission and desire to share Jesus with their friends? Check out these effective tips to get your children involved in missions. The best part? You can incorporate them into what you're already doing! 
Worship and Music
Nathan Burggraff | Understanding Nashville Numbers: Combining Functional Harmonic Theory with Chord Notation
The Nashville Number system is a useful way of notating harmonic progressions, similar to chord charts, while showing musical function within that progression, similar to Roman numerals. This session will explain how the Nashville Number system works and demonstrate its usefulness for solo and ensemble playing in church settings.
Worship and Music
Josh McFadden | How Media Directors Can Accelerate Into This New Normal
Six months ago, online church was an often debated topic, as the necessity of physical gatherings was pitted against a growing trend of online church attendees. During the pandemic of COVID-19, church online became the primary means of gathering for almost every church in America. This has been an unprecedented pivot in church culture and, in some capacity, it seems online church is here to stay for some time. This breakout session will be a discussion of how we, as church media teams, move forward and think well about the use of online church gatherings. How can we accelerate growth and training for volunteers and how can we increase interaction and connection to our online attendees? Join us as we discuss this critical topic.
Jason Daye, | Your Simple Strategy for Growth in a COVID World: How to ReEngage Your People AND Reach Your Community
Recent research reveals one in three regular church attendees are no longer attending worship services, either in-person or online. Learn a proven, God-honoring strategy to both reengage your people AND reach your community. You can even begin implementing this simple-yet-effective action plan this week! This practical session will provide you with insightful examples and free resources to help you and your church enlarge your Kingdom impact.
Liability Protection
Harrison Smith, Alliance Defending Freedom | Navigating the Changing Culture and How To Protect Your Ministry
As a Christian ministry, how do you address the changing cultural views on issues such as sexuality, marriage, and gender identity? How can your ministry love and serve everyone while not giving into the shifting morality of the day? How can you be proactive and prepare without becoming a lightning rod in the media and the courts? This seminar will explore the recent cultural and legal challenges the Church is currently facing so that you can be a good steward of your ministry, understand how to navigate these challenges, and can know how to keep the doors open for the gospel for future generations.
Steve Aydelott, SOA Construction | To Build or Not to Build
This session will help those who are considering repurposing current space vs. building new and additional space. We will discuss the challenges and questions that you need to consider as your church moves through the process.


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