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Hispanic Ministry
Otto Sanchez | Cómo desarrollar un programa de discipulado en su iglesia
La sesión se divide en dos partes de 45 minutos: Cómo desarrollar un programa de discipulado en su iglesia.
International Mission Board
Ezra Bae | Reaching the Chinese Muslims
There are 56 ethnic groups in China. Among them 10 are Muslim ethics with more than 2.7 million people and 35,000 mosques in China. They all speak different languages and were born as Muslims. How can we share the gospel with them? Please come and let us discuss it together.
Men's Ministry
Ray Sullivan | 5 Principles of an Effective Men's Ministry
Many of us are struggling to reach and engage men in our churches. Events have drawn them in, but most have slipped out the back door. Is it time for us to rethink our approach to men's ministry? Whether you are just beginning or are seeking to revive your ministry, this session will discuss five basic principles to keep in mind if you desire a sustainable discipleship strategy for your men and practical tips for strategizing and planning your ministry.
Next Gen Kids
Dawn Schaffer | Equipping Parents for Family Ministry
The Bible clearly states that parents should be the spiritual leaders in their homes. This session will give you ways to help equip the parents for this role.
Next Gen Students
Chris Boggess | Middle School Development:  Why Are Middle Schoolers So Weird?
This session will help you grow as a leader of these wonderful creatures who are created in God's image. Middle Schoolers are awesome! We will discuss the needs of middle school students and help you design small groups to meet their specific needs as they go through physical and psychological changes.
Pastor Wellness
Shawn Dorrough | GuideStone Retirement: Staying On Track
The last few months have brought a lot of uncertainty and disruption in our economy. Thankfully, we know our Lord is in control and not caught off-guard by anything that happens. This session will discuss the strategies to help you stay on track with your retirement and financial goals.
Public Affairs and Child Protection
Mike Griffin | The Christian's Response to the Growing LGBT Culture
This is a comprehensive study on how the church can reach out to the gay community without compromising the gospel and the integrity of church membership. It is important that churches respond lovingly, but firmly, on biblical truth.
Sunday School
Jonathan Jordan | How to Ensure Your Sunday School Class Remains Evangelistic
Join us as we discover how to ensure your Sunday school remains evangelistic and does not get bogged down in the same old routine.
Women's Mission and Ministry
Ashley Chesnutt | Discipling Women in Their 20s and 30s
With the Internet and smartphones shaping their lives, Millennials and iGen are more connected, more anxious, more tolerant, and less prepared for adulthood than previous generations. Learn how these two generations think about sexuality, mental health, religion, and life and how we as Christians can disciple these younger generations.
Worship and Music
Nathan Burggraff | Reharmonizing Melodies: Adding Musical Interest to Mundane Chord Progressions
While the adage "second verse, same as the first" is often true of hymn playing – particularly the harmonies being played – reharmonizing a hymn tune can be an effective way to draw attention to specific lyrics in the text. This session will provide practical tips to create text painting by reharmonizing a hymn tune, which can be used during congregational singing or for special music.
Worship and Music
Joel Goddard | Creating a Healthy Worship Culture
How do you lead a congregation to worship when all you can see is the red recording light of a camera in front of you? How can you encourage your people to sing with great faith as they perhaps confront their own fears? Joel Goddard and his worship team will discuss how a healthy church worship culture can shape and influence the life of a church ministry. The session will include topics like worship team leadership, worship planning and preparation, and specifically address the cultural moment of dealing with the effects of COVID-19 on our church gatherings.


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