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Worship & Music 
David Manner | Better Sundays Begin on Monday 
Implementing a collaborative process of analyzing worship services or planning for upcoming services requires a deep level of humility, trust, and shared accountability. It also requires selfless leaders willing to sacrifice their own ideas and interests for the greater worshiping good of the congregation. Better Sundays Begin on Mondays offers foundational worship considerations to help leadership teams ask questions evaluatively rather than defensively.

PJ Dunn | Building a Culture of Discipleship 
What really changes the culture of discipleship in a church? A program? A pastor? Curriculum? Only when we change the church's discipleship culture will we see our church make disciples.

Ken Adams | Men's Ministry That Changes the World 
In this session, you will learn how to develop a ministry to men in your church that helps men that impacts their community and world.

Arliss Dickerson | Increase Your Kingdom Impact Through On-Campus Collegiate Ministry 
Why should your church be engaged in on-campus ministry in your community? Because the college campuses of America are one of our most significant mission fields! With over 40 years of experience partnering with churches through on-campus ministry, Arliss will unpack the why and the how of advancing the Gospel on the campus in your community.

Pastoral Wellness
Cory Thomas | I Never Joined the Circus, So How Do I Keep the Plates Spinning: The Joys and Challenges of Bi-Vocational Ministry 
Paul was skilled at Spinning Plates through his employment as a tent maker and yet preached the Gospel with zeal. I am sure he had many setbacks and lots of victories. Bi-vocational ministry is demanding but can be extremely rewarding. With every challenge, God always brings about joy. In this session, both will be examined, and experiences shared to give insight and encouragement to all who serve bi-vocationally.

Brad Marchman | Building Evangelistic Churches
Every pastor wants to reach more lost people with the Gospel. Every pastor wants to see their people actively participating in the task of evangelism. This training offers a tool to help make this a reality for your church by creating a strategic plan for intentional and continuous evangelism. This game plan will also make your people more Gospel-focused and mobilized to participate in the process. It's a tool that will help you change the culture of your church and have your people looking to impact their community with the Gospel.

Mark Hearn | Multicultural Ministry vs. Multiethnic Outreach 
Author of "Technicolor and Hearing in Technicolor," Mark explores how members of his congregation experienced the joys, struggles, and triumphs of being a part of a multi-ethnic church. This provides a glimpse of the nature of a church that reflects its community. He also differentiates multicultural ministry from multi-site ethnic church planting.

Church Security
Ben O'Neal | Making and Keeping Our Churches Safe 
We will be discussing how to start a security program in your church. We'll look at how to improve your existing team if you have one already. We will discuss behaviors and indicators and the types of responsibilities needed to effectively protect a church and its congregations. We will also discuss what Georgia law says about carrying weapons in church.

Next Gen-Students
Andy Blanks | Preaching the Bible in a Changing Culture 
Our world has changed. The pandemic has reshaped every aspect of our culture, including the rhythms surrounding our faith. Some best practices are timeless and unchanging when preaching the Bible to teenagers. And there are also new variables that must be considered. In this session, Andy will walk youth workers through the non-negotiables of effectively preaching the Word to students in a radically changing culture around us.

Next Gen-Children
Jenni Carter | The Fruit of the Spirit Isn't a Coconut
When kids hear the churchy words "Fruit of the Spirit," they think of apples, oranges, and coconuts? Maybe! In this session, leaders will learn valuable ways to share the work of the Holy Spirit in words that make sense to boys and girls.

Kelly King | Trends Affecting Ministry to Women 
There is no secret that the past two years have affected everyone, including those ministering to women. What trends will affect the way you lead in the coming year? How are you connecting with women in the local church and addressing the most pressing needs? This session doesn't provide all the answers, but we'll look at ways you can be prepared for the changing ministry landscape.

Community Missions 
Taylor Field | Are You a Light or Just Lightning?
Join Taylor, a Send Relief missionary who has worked with vulnerable people in under-resourced communities for almost 40 years, as he shares the five things he wished he had understood aout serving communities when he started.

Hispanic Ministry 
Hedwig Borges | La Defensa de la Fe en una Época Post-Cristiana 
Hoy mas que nunca La iglesia necesita saber sobre los valores detrás de filosofías humanistas que representan grandes retos para la fe y la doctrina bíblica y que de forma sutil se han ido infiltrando en la iglesia.


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