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Engaged, Equipped, and Empowered for Collegiate Ministry led by Beverly Skinner
Level up the young adult ministry in your church by engaging students on the college or university campus in your community. This interactive dialogue will include a veteran BCM campus minister and a church staff member who is a volunteer BCM leader. The discussion will explore how your church can be equipped and empowered for effective ministry on your local college campus.

Increase Your Kingdom Impact Through On-Campus Collegiate Ministry led by Arliss Dickerson
Why should your church be engaged in on-campus ministry in your community? Because the college campuses of America are one of our greatest mission fields! With over 40 years of experience partnering with churches through on-campus ministry, Arliss will unpack the why and the how of advancing the gospel on the campus in your community.


5 Essentials for a Great Small Group/Sunday School Leader led by Scott Sullivan
Learn five key characteristics of group leaders who excel every week at teaching and leading. This session is packed with practical content to help you take the next step in making disciple makers in a group setting.

The Inspired Teacher led by Allen Taylor
Teaching the Bible is a basic, core function of every New Testament church. It affects everything we do. Teaching affects the way we do evangelism, discipleship, ministry, worship, fellowship, prayer, service, relationships – everything. You can’t grow a groups ministry with ineffective teachers. We will consider why we teach, what we teach, how to prepare, how to teach, and how to connect.

The Greater Work: Disciple Making Anytime Anywhere led by Bill Wilks
With no church buildings or ministry budgets, Jesus launched a grassroots disciple-making movement that literally turned the world upside down. Regardless of the size or location of your building, join us as we consider how to reignite the disciple-making movement of the early church and build a church without walls through your ministry.

Being a Single-Friendly Church led by PJ Dunn
One-third of families are single-parent households. Over half the adults in America today are single adults. Forty percent of marriages end in divorce, and the average age for marriage is now 30 for men and 29 for women. Churches that embraces singles of all backgrounds will be the church that reaches the community. Learn simple and easy ways to connect with singles around you without starting a program or ministry.

Building a Culture of Discipleship led by PJ Dunn
What really changes the culture of discipleship in a church? A program? A pastor? Curriculum? Only when we change the culture of discipleship at our church will we see our church make disciples.

Directing My Church's Teaching Ministry (Part 1) led by Ken Braddy
Join us to learn essential elements of a strong teaching ministry that makes disciples and leaves a legacy of faith beyond your ministry.

Directing My Church's Teaching Ministry (Part 2) led by Ken Braddy
Join us to learn essential elements of a strong teaching ministry that makes disciples and leaves a legacy of faith beyond your ministry.

Men’s Ministry That Changes the World led by Ken Adams
In this session, you will learn how to develop a ministry to men in your church that helps men that impacts their community and world.


Building Evangelistic Churches led by Brad Marchman 
Every pastor wants to reach more lost people with the gospel. Every pastor wants to see their people actively participating in the in the task of evangelism. This training offers a tool that will help make this a reality for your church by creating a strategic plan for intentional and continuous evangelism. This game plan will also lead your people to be more gospel focused and mobilized to participate in the process. It's a tool that will help you change the culture of your church and have your people looking to impact their community with the gospel.

Making Your Events Evangelistic led by Steve Foster
Growing churches prioritize their events and leverage them to produce a harvest by intentionally being evangelistic. Steve will share eight steps in planning an effective evangelistic event that will engage your church members to have evangelistic excitement in reaching lost people with the gospel.

Evangelizing Without Memorizing led by Matt Queen
Typically, if someone wants to learn how to evangelize, they are taught to memorize a script or outline. However, some people find it difficult to memorize in general. Add on trying to keep straight what they are to say in the middle of a conversation, and you've got a struggle. This training will help believers learn how to share the gospel with a new technique – no memorizing required!

Georgia Baptist Women

The Leadership Pivot: Embracing Your Strengths led by Connie Dixon
It’s common to only focus on weaknesses and areas of improvement when assessing your own leadership skills and style. But what would happen if you made a pivot toward your strengths? Join in and learn how to embrace your leadership strengths and take them to the next level.

Trends Affecting Ministry to Women led by Kelly King
There is no secret that the past two years have affected everyone, including those who are ministering to women. What trends will affect the way you lead in the coming year? How are you connecting with women in the local church and addressing the most pressing needs? This session doesn't provide all the answers, but we'll look at ways you can be prepared for the changing ministry landscape.

Hispanic Ministry

Mitos Sobre Evangelismo led by Deris Coto
Exploraremos los Mitos de Evangelismo que impiden que las personas compartan el Evangelio con quienes los rodean.

La Defensa de la Fe en una Época Post-Cristiana led by Hedwig Borges
Hoy mas que nunca La iglesia necesita saber sobre los valores detrás de filosofías humanistas que representan grandes retos para la fe y la doctrina bíblica y que de forma sutil se han ido infiltrando en la iglesia.


Multicultural Ministry vs Multiethnic Outreach led by Mark Hearn
Author of "Technicolor and Hearing in Technicolor" Mark explores how members of his congregation experienced the joys, struggles, and triumphs of being a part of a multi-ethnic church. This provides a glimpse of the nature of a church that reflects its community. He also differentiates multicultural ministry from multi-site ethnic church planting.

Next Gen

Reaching the Next Generation with the Gospel led by Shane Pruitt
In this session, we will learn about the next generation and best practices to reach them with the gospel. We will also discuss current trends and how this generation is responding to the gospel in ways indicate that they are not the future of the church but are the church now.

Preaching the Bible in a Changing Culture led by Andy Blanks
Our world has changed. The pandemic has reshaped every aspect of our culture, including the rhythms surrounding our faith. When preaching the Bible to teenagers, some best-practices are timeless and unchanging. And there are also new variables that must be considered. In this session, Andy will walk youth workers through the non-negotiables of effectively preaching the Word to students in a culture that is radically changing around us.

Next Gen - Kids

Ages and Stages Discipleship for Home and Church led by Landry Holmes
Today’s parents feel ill-equipped to spiritually train and educate their preschoolers and elementary-aged kids. Based on the principle that preschoolers and kids learn and comprehend concepts differently as they grow in maturity, we will look at how to provide an age-suitable discipleship approach at home and at church.

Babysitter or Disciple Maker led by Landry Holmes
Most preschoolers have yet to trust Jesus as their Savior and Lord, which is the first step in becoming His disciple. However, God can use us to build foundations for discipleship in the lives of preschoolers. Let’s learn to be disciple makers, rather than babysitters.

Leading a Child to Christ led by Tim Pollard
Leaders and parents often do not feel equipped to embark on the wonderful path of sharing the gospel with kids. This conference will provide valuable tools that leaders and parents can use to share their faith with girls and boys.

The Fruit of the Spirit Isn't a Coconut led by Jenni Carter
When kids hear the churchy words "Fruit of the Spirit," do they think of apples, oranges, and coconuts? Maybe! In this session, leaders will learn valuable ways to share about the work of the Holy Spirit in words that will make sense to boys and girls.

Pastor Wellness

Reclaiming Your Physical Health led by David Smith
Many years of ministry stress and neglect of my health took a toll on me that was much greater than I realized. Reclaiming my physical health provided a fresh focus and renewed energy for God’s calling on my life. Join this session as we discuss how to reclaim your physical health.

I Never Joined the Circus, So How Do I Keep the Plates Spinning: The Joys and Challenges of Bi-Vocational Ministry led by Cory Thomas
Paul himself was skilled at Spinning Plates through his employment as a tent maker and yet preached the gospel with fervency. I am sure he had many setbacks and lots of victories. Bi-vocational ministry is tough but can be extremely rewarding. With every challenge God always brings about joy. In this session, both will be examined and experiences shared to not only give insight but encouragement as well to all who serve bi-vocationally.

Sticking the Stories of the Bible led by Kyle Walker
Every preacher loves a good three-point outline! However, have you ever had that nagging feeling that your outline didn’t quite do the biblical story justice? The stories of the Bible can be challenging to capture and communicate in a sermon. They have a way of defying our tried and true outlines. This breakout session will provide insights and tactics for sticking (landing) the stories of the Bible in your sermons. Letting the story drive the sermon is possible and this breakout will show you how.

Start Strong in Retirement led by Shawn Rick and Dorrough Wells
We're not just building a foundation for a few years; we're building for a lifetime. This session is designed to help you: Know the difference between a 401(k) and a 403(b) Understand retirement contribution options Identify an appropriate savings and investment approach.

Unleashing Leadership from the Inside Out led by Jason Britt
As pastors and church leaders, God has given us everything we need when it comes to leadership and influence by entrusting us with His people. Come hear the story of how God unleashed a new work at Bethlehem Church when the people joined in the mission to reach those who weren't in the church. We'll look at practical tips on empowering volunteer leaders, principles for unleashing a culture of leadership within the church, and encouragement along the way in your revitalization efforts.

Public Affairs

Sexual Abuse Risk: Changes in the Landscape led by Greg Love
Child sexual abuse is traumatic; mishandling an abuse allegation can compound the trauma. How a ministry handles an outcry can have a tremendous impact on an abuse victim/survivor – both good and bad. Gregory Love will discuss the importance of correctly handling an abuse allegation – current outcries and historical allegations. The session will also address the fear most ministries have related to ‘false allegations’.

Religious Liberty: Be Strong and Courageous led by Kelvin Cochran
Religious liberty cases continue to abound for Alliance Defending Freedom. Believers are becoming increasingly bold in living out their faith. However, too many are yet passive and silent for fear of worldly consequences. This presentation celebrates the brave and encourages others to be strong and courageous.

Worship & Music

Better Sundays Begin on Monday led by David Manner
Implementing a collaborative process of analyzing worship services or planning for upcoming services requires a deep level of humility, trust, and shared accountability. It also requires selfless leaders who are willing to sacrifice their own ideas and interests for the greater worshiping good of the congregation. Better Sundays Begin on Mondays offers foundational worship considerations to help leadership teams ask questions evaluatively rather than defensively.

Creating LifeLong Worshippers: Why Next Gen Worship? led by Teri Van Duyn

Women's Missions and Ministry

Building a Team to Advance the Gospel led by Amy Cordova
Do you ever feel that if you want something done right, you have do it yourself? Perhaps that’s helpful in the short term, but in the long term weariness will set in and growth will slow. Join us as we seek biblical guidance in building a team to advance the gospel!

Conversational Apologetics led by Mary Jo Sharp
Whether you are just beginning to dig into apologetics or your knowledge is extensive, engaging in conversation can seem intimidating at times. This session will focus on four elements of good dialogue; including how to use common questions to uncover what people really believe and to spark a deeper discussion on belief in God.

Mission Georgia

How to Build Relationships With the Nations in Your City led by Lori McDaniel
We have God-appointed opportunities in our country to build relationships with foreigners, and the Bible has a lot to say about it. We are afraid, uncertain what to say, or don’t know how to get past “hello” to an ongoing conversation. Building relationships with people from other nations is not difficult once we know where to begin.

Are You a Light, or Just Lightning? led by Taylor Field
Join Taylor, a Send Relief Missionary who has worked with vulnerable people in under-resourced communities for almost 40 years, as he shares the five things he wished that he had understood about serving communities when he started.

Church Security

Making and Keeping Our Churches Safe led by Ben O'Neal
We will be discussing how to start a security program in your church. If you have one already, we'll look at how to improve your existing team. We will discuss behaviors and indicators and what types of responsibilities will be needed to effectively protect a church and their congregations. We will also discuss what Georgia law says about carrying weapons in church.

Church Planting, Replanting & Revitalization

Key Habits of a Healthy Church Planter led by Rolando Castro
What is the common ground for successful church planters? Do you know if you are on the path of a healthy church plant or not? This breakout will describe the best practices or habits church planters can develop regardless of their location, denominational affiliation, or ethnic background.
Foundations of Church Revitalization led by Kenneth Priest
We will define church revitalization and its sub-categories of church replanting, mergers and acquisitions, and spiritual renewal. Foundational steps will be provided on developing and launching a revitalization process in your church.

Associational Missions

Associational Leadership: The Struggle is Real led by Bob Bumgarner
If your last 24 months have been anything like most of us, you have been reminded that holding a position of leadership is not the same thing as leading. In our time together, we will consider five helpful tools that can increase your value as an associational leader.


Faithfully Stewarding Your Estate led by Sam Warner, Vice President of Development
Do you have a Will that honors your Lord and Savior? The Georgia Baptist Foundation can help you with your Will and also help you bless the Kingdom with an estate gift. This breakout session will help you get your house in order as it relates to the estate that the Lord has blessed you with.

Fund Management Services led by  Sam Warner, Vice President of Development
The Georgia Baptist Foundation has been helping churches and ministries be better stewards of what the Lord has blessed them with for decades. Let us show you how we can help your ministry get a great return on ministry reserve funds and other types of accounts that you may have. If you are tired of extremely low savings and CD interest rates then we are here to help your ministry.

Find Your Ministry with Timber led by Johnathan Gray, President/CEO
Find out how individuals can support the local church or other ministries through gifts of timber. Christian Timber Reserve exists to help encourage, facilitate, and manage gifts of timber. Learn how we can help your church benefit from the tremendous opportunity that is all around us.

Personal Ministry Development

Don’t Neglect Bible Reading in Your Discipleship Strategy led by Michael Gunnin, Chief Growth Officer, Walk Thru the Bible
Whether or not someone engages with the Bible is the most predictive factor as to whether they will be a thriving follower of Christ. Driven by research on the power of Bible reading and engagement, this session explores both the why and how to foster a culture of Bible reading in the local church.

Rediscovering the Lost Art of Restoration led by Phil Tuttle, President and CEO, Walk Thru the Bible
Let’s face it, the Church isn’t very good at restoring fallen believers, let alone fallen leaders. When someone is overtaken by sin we don’t know what to say, much less what to do. In this workshop we’ll explore Jesus’ loving restoration of Simon Peter after his devastating denial. Together we’ll discover how failures, whether small or huge, can be redeemed for our good and God’s glory.

Build to Last led by Phil Tuttle, President and CEO, Walk Thru the Bible
When veteran pastor Paul was mentoring young pastor Timothy, he gave him three word pictures to warn him of three threats that could undermine his ministry. Paul also encouraged Timothy how to avoid those pitfalls. 2,000 years later the dangers haven’t changed, but thankfully neither have the remedies.
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