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Reaching College Students is Easier Than You Think! led by Chris Bryan, Tommy Fountain Jr., Keith Wade, David Kirkland, Eric Swenson, or David Williams
College students are the most reachable, trainable, sendable population in Georgia! And college and university campuses are the most accessible mission field in your community! Learn how your church can be a part of reaching college students with the gospel of Jesus through the ministry of Baptist College Ministry. What’s more, you will leave with ideas you can implement this week to level up the ministry to students in your church.

Gen Z & Biblical Sexuality: Eight Tips for Discipleship *️⃣ (Vault Only, No Live Session) led by Gary Stidham 
Powerful forces work to indoctrinate students with dangerous ideologies about marriage, sexuality & gender. However, young Christians want and need holistic, Biblical truth on these topics. Gary will share insights from twenty years of collegiate ministry and his recent D-Min project that will help your church or ministry make disciples and address these issues with clarity.

Taking the Next Steps - Getting Involved in my Church as a College Student  led by David Kirkland (First Sandersville location only. Video not included in Vault.)
College students have much to offer in the way of service and leadership in their churches, but sometime they don’t know how to take those next steps and get involved. This conference will help college students know why and how to take those next steps. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of their value to the local church and some next steps they can take to serve and lead.


The Power of Artificial Intelligence in Ministry: Streamlining Tasks and Enhancing Bible Study led by Scott Smith (Offered twice per location, except Ellijay, not available at Ellijay. However, will be included as video in the Vault.)
The future is NOW. This training will guide pastors and church leaders through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their ministry work. Participants will learn how to interact with AI tools such as chatbots, craft effective prompts, and get relevant and accurate answers to deepen their understanding of Scripture, and quickly create engaging and informative teaching content. They will also learn how to streamline time-consuming tasks so they can free up more time for higher level ministry activities. The ethical considerations involved in using AI will also be discussed. By the end of the talk, attendees will have exposure to AI tools and a practical understanding of how to incorporate them into their daily church leadership activities.

Disaster Relief

Does the Disaster Relief Ministry Make Disciples? led by Dwain Carter (Two repeat sessions at each location.)
There is much more to Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief than cooking food and chainsaws. Let’s take a deeper look into the depths of the interworking of disciplemaking through DR. You might be surprised.


Developing an Effective Men’s Ministry *️⃣ (Vault Only, No Live Session) led by Josh Smith
With 15 years of developing men and men’s ministry as a local church pastor, Josh Smith shares the five most important lessons he’s learned.

Keys to Develop a Healthy Multi-Generational Men’s Ministry led by Scotty Jarrard, Scott Smith, Chris Winford, Mike Keaton, John Lagrange or Kenny Sexton
Join us to learn best practices of churches who are making disciples through their men’s ministry that multiply and engage multiple generations of men from students to seniors.

Four Non-Negotiables to Achieving Disciple Making Success led by Ray Sullivan
“Conversion is not the finish line, it’s the starting line.” The Great Commission commands us to make disciples, not just converts. This process involves an intentional strategy to help new believers become “fully trained” disciples of Jesus who reproduce the process in others. In this breakout, Ray Sullivan will help us think through three critical shifts that churches must make to fulfill the Great Commission’s call to make disciples who make disciples.

Ephphatha led by Nathan Hill and Laramie Burris
Deaf people around you need to know Jesus. How can you tell them? Come to our session to learn how you can share His story to Deaf people.

Not Your Mama’s Sr. Adult Ministry *️⃣ (Vault Only, No Live Session) led by Randy Mullinax
Building a dynamic, evangelistic, and exciting ministry for folks 60+ in age that will impact your church and also reach that age segment of your community population.

Leading and Understanding Guiding Documents *️⃣  (Vault Only, No Live Session) led by Jody Dean
Every organization including the local church needs a clear Constitution that identifies the local church and its beliefs. As we live in a changing society the by-laws need a review and refresh as the church deals with new challenges. This session will explain each of these documents, their value to the organization, and how to approach any revision or missing pieces that you may need to consider for your church.

Ten Tips For a Great Commission Adult Small Group or Sunday School led by Topper Reid
"There is nothing new under the sun,” but there are 10 actions a small group can take to become the best Great Commission adult small group or Sunday School class possible. Understanding these ten principles and executing them can take your adult small group to the next ministry level!

Teaching Adults for Results led by Topper Reid
Understanding the adult learner, an awareness of teaching tools and a little organization can be decisive ingredients in formulating an engaging Bible lesson. This session will provide a solid model for teachers to follow as they prepare to teach each week’s study.

Relationships that Multiply Groups led by PJ Dunn
Being a friend worth having in your group might be the key to unlocking exponential disciple-making growth in your church! See how creating a group culture of trust to share truth in love will make disciples who make disciples.


Getting to the Gospel *️⃣ (Vault Only, No Live Session) led by Matt Queen
We know how to begin discussions that interest us; however, many Christians find it hard to evangelize conversationally. This session will help Christians, no matter their level of confidence or experience in evangelism, be able to get to the gospel in many of their conversations.
Blueprint: Reaching People and Keeping People led by Steve Foster or Brad Marchman
Evangelistic churches live within a blueprint that consists of six principles for reaching people and keeping people. This breakout session will discuss these six principles and ways to implement them in your church.
Developing Evangelistic Habits led by Steve Foster or Brad Marchman
Evangelism must be intentional whether it’s on an individual level or the corporate level of a church. Developing effective habits in evangelism will transform your personal and corporate involvement in sharing the Gospel. This breakout will help establish evangelistic habits that will get the church on mission and mobilize the people to be an active part of impacting the community for Christ.

Georgia Baptist Women

Women's Ministry in Community led by Karen Pace, Beth Ann Williams or Stephanie Edge
We were created to be in relationship with God and each other. Women’s ministry can create environments where those relationships are nurtured for growth. Our challenges are knowing how to build trust and authenticity among the generations and how to guide groups that grow together as disciples. You will be equipped with practical ideas that will help bring women together In Community.

Renewing the Priority of Missions Discipleship led by Karen Pace, Beth Ann Williams or Stephanie Edge
Making disciples of Jesus who live on mission is the passion of missions leaders! How do we creatively share that passion with others? What challenges do we face in effectively providing and promoting opportunities for all ages to be involved in missions discipleship? Join us for inspiring conversation, ideas, and resources for renewing the priority of missions discipleship in your church!


Discipulado Intencional (Intentional Discipleship)  *️⃣ (solo como una grabación en The Vault)  led by Erick Delgado
Intentional discipleship comes out of the four walls and invites the disciple to show the character of Christ in every circumstance of life so that by imitating Him they may know Him and may believe.

El discipulado intencional sale de las cuatro paredes e invita al discípulo a mostrar el carácter de Cristo en cada circunstancia de la vida, de modo que al imitarlo puedan conocerlo y creer en él.

Creando una Cultura de Discipulado (Creating a Culture of Discipleship)  *️⃣  (solo como una grabación en The Vault) led by Jose Delgado
Discipleship is more than a class, it is a culture. Our mandate is to make disciples. Following Jesus' example, he established meaningful and intentional relationships to shape his leadership, life, character, and the work that would later fall upon His disciples. It is time to return to relational discipleship and make it part of the culture of the church where all its members have an active participation.

El discipulado es más que una clase, es una cultura. Nuestro mandato es hacer discípulos. Siguiendo el ejemplo de Jesús, estableció relaciones significativas e intencionales para moldear su liderazgo, vida, carácter y la obra que luego recaería sobre sus discípulos. Es tiempo de volver al discipulado relacional y hacerlo parte de la cultura de la iglesia, donde todos sus miembros tengan una participación activa.

Leadership Development

Three Steps to Develop Ministry Leaders in Any Church led by Levi Skipper
Join us to discuss the key to building ministry momentum by creating a culture of leadership development. We will also outline a simple method that you can use right now to develop any ministry leader in your fellowship.
Leadership That Lasts led by Dallas White, Cameron Ford or Matt Peek (Not offered in Stateboro)
We live in a world riddled with stories of leaders failing to finish well. Researchers tell us that appromimately 1500 pastors are leaving the ministry each month and most statistics say that 60% to 80% of those who enter the ministry will not make it. But you don't have to be a statistic! You can run the race and finish faithful! Join us for this two-part breakout on how to invest in a Leadership That Lasts.


Creating a Missional Leadership Pipeline in Churches led by Buck Burch
Using data gathered from a Georgia-based case study, data will be presented to show the impact of raising up, installing, and equipping a MOL (Missional Outreach Leader). As a lay leader, these influencers help churches find areas of missional engagement and work to design a path for missionaries and ministers to be called out of their church for local, regional, national, and international outreach.
Cross-cultural Missional Outreach led by Keith Ivey or Samuel Ayala
Cross-cultural Gospel conversations can happen anywhere – in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools! Come join a conversation about how to be missional not only on that mission trip that you might take this year, but also in your every day living.

Mission Georgia

Mission Georgia Update and Next Steps led by Lorna Bius for Rhiannon Dobson
Join Lorna Bius, Mission Georgia Mobilizer as she hosts a panel discussion with church leaders from your area who are actively serving needs such as foster care, refugees and childhood literacy. You’ll hear updates on Mission Georgia initiatives and next steps your church can take to be on mission in Georgia!

READ GEORGIA - A Community Literacy Ministry led by Lorna Bius (First Sandersville location only. Video not included in Vault.)
Come discover how you can show the love of Christ and change the lives of children as you tutor them to read well. This breakout will explain the mission of READ Georgia and how your church can partner with local schools, serving children in their quest to become good readers. This ministry will allow your church to extend an intentional gospel witness into your community.

Next Gen - Kids

Nine Steps to Reach Families with Children led by Jenni Carter or Krista Staton 
In this session you’ll discover nine steps your church can take to reach families with children. This will be an interactive time where we’ll discuss what’s working and what’s not working in churches today.
That Kid led by Jill Richards, Paula Walker or Tera Melber (Video not included in Vault.)
Learn how trauma affects children and youth and manifests itself in your church ministries. Learn effective ways to minister to children and youth who have experienced difficulties in their young lives so that they can hear and have the opportunity to receive the Gospel message.

Next Gen - Youth

Youth Ministry Current Trends and Strategies led by Chris Trent or Todd Jones
Come join in as we discuss current trends and strategies for reaching the Next Generation. We’ll be presenting new trends and having great discussions with one another about youth ministry. This breakout will have a ‘round table’ kinda feel to it, so come prepared to share!

Pastor Wellness

Deacons - Partners in Purpose led by Andy Childs, Jeff Gongwer or Chris Reynolds
Effective deacon ministry is essential for impactful ministry to both the congregation and the community. Join us for practical Biblical principles that encourage and empower deacons to serve effectively.
Pursuing Peace - Growth Through Conflict led by Marty Youngblood
Conflict is a catalyst for change, either good or bad. The outcome is often determined by the approaches taken to manage conflict between individuals or groups. Together, we’ll examine a process to assist individuals and churches to move from conflict to understanding.

Public Affairs

Living for Christ in the Public Square led by Mike Griffin
This class is about educating pastors and church members on ethical issues in our culture. It is important that a witness to life changing power of the gospel be seen in our local, state, and national government.
Reducing the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse in the Church led by Mike Griffin
This class is about what the church can do to protect our children against sexual abuse. It is important that every church understand the risk and have in place polices and procedures that create a safe environment for their children and those who serve them.
Protecting Evangelism and Missions Through Religious Freedom *️⃣ (Vault Only, No Live Session) led by Mike Griffin
This session is about the theological and philosophical approach that churches should have regarding the rights of Religious Freedom in our country. Its goal is to help church leaders come away with a practical understanding that promotes evangelism and missions.

Worship & Music

Worship & Music Roundtable led by Rhon Carter, Ken Sirmans, Chad Todd, Will Whittaker, Jeremy Jordan, Aric Butler or Chris Orr
Worship and music ministry is an essential part of any local church, and it takes a dedicated team of staff and volunteers to make it happen. At times, however, relationships can become strained, and it can be challenging to lead and support worship teams effectively. That's where our GBMB Worship and Music ministry will help at SPARK 2023. We will provide helpful tips and practical advice on how to build strong pastor and worship pastor relationships, lead worship teams, and helpful support for bi-vocational worship leaders. Our breakouts are designed to help you create an environment where worship is uplifting, inspiring, and meaningful for everyone involved. Whether you're a seasoned worship leader or just starting, we can help you take your ministry to the next level.

 *️⃣ These sessions will be offered as a recording only in The Vault. The Vault is an online repository of recorded content made available to all registrants, free of charge, after the live location events are over.

Estas sesiones se ofrecerán solo como una grabación en The Vault. The Vault es un repositorio en línea de contenido grabado que se pone a disposición de todos los registrantes, de forma gratuita, después de que los eventos en el lugar en vivo hayan finalizado.

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