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Your Church Can Reach the Nations – Today led by Teresa Royall
As your church lives out the Acts 1:8 challenge, a ministry to international students allows your church to be a part of “Reaching the Uttermost” this week. This breakout will include many practical ways individuals and families can touch the lives of internationals who come to the USA to study.

Building a Sending Culture in Your College Ministry led by Paul Worcestor
Developing a “sending culture” will revolutionize your college ministry. It will also revolutionize your church. When every student understands who God created them to be and understands that God wants to use them in their career, amazing things begin to happen. If we can get students to “put their ‘yes’ on the table,” we’ll help them figure out where to go on the map.


Senior Adult Ministry in the Next Normal led by Barry Thompson
Senior adults have an incredible opportunity to help lead the charge for disciple making in the local church. This session will discuss effective strategies for discipling senior adults as well as explore the opportunities senior adults have to be disciple makers.

Know Your Community led by PJ Dunn
You want to reach your community, but do you know who's a part of that community? Data is a powerful tool in ministry that we can use to identify and reach our surrounding community with the gospel. Take the guesswork out of creating pathways to connect to your church, and you might find 40 percent or more of your neighbors you could be reaching!

Small Groups In A New World: Developing and Leading an Effective Small Group Ministry in Your Church led by Rick Howerton
The world is different. A pandemic, virtual meetings, training leaders, and many other things have created new and different demands on us, but the calling to make disciples has not changed. Rick will help pastors, discipleship leaders, and small group leaders understand the challenges of developing and maintaining an effective small group ministry amidst the many new and different circumstances in our ever-changing and challenging world.

Creating a New Scorecard for Groups: Measuring What Matters Most in a Post-COVID World led by Ken Braddy
How will we measure the effectiveness of groups in the future? Until now we have focused on attendance, but that falls short in helping group leaders evaluate the health of their groups. In a post-COVID world, we need to create a new scorecard for groups and ask hard questions that will show us where our groups need improvement.

New Beginnings: Leading My Sunday School to Restart led by Ken Braddy
This seminar is for pastors, Sunday School directors, and anyone who leads the Bible teaching ministry at their church. Will your groups be ready to relaunch? How will they be different after months of meeting online – or not at all? Explore key ways the church's Bible teaching ministry can be strengthened and improved as we regather in smaller groups.

Manhood is a Team Sport led by Keith Boggs
Burdened for a movement of men that transforms families and churches to the ends of the earth, Keith founded REAL MOMENTUM Ministries to help pastors and leaders in families and churches across the US and Dominican Republic experience the power of discipling men. Keith combines a professional background in marketing and development with more than a decade of pastoral ministry experience and serves as a Missionary to Men by offering men’s ministry coaching, conferences, and content.


How to Build a Culture of Evangelism in the Local Church led by Johnny Hunt
To be clear, God is the one who saves, but He gives us the opportunity to join His redemptive work. Knowing this, pastors and leaders must be intentional about developing a church culture that makes Jesus known to others. This breakout session is designed to equip pastors and leaders with the necessary practical steps to create a culture of evangelism within their church.

Learn Practical Steps for Personal Evangelism led by Mike Shipman
Pastors and leaders, if you desire for your church to be more intentional about sharing Jesus with others, then you must live an intentional life that shares Jesus with others. We cannot transport what we do not possess ourselves! This breakout session is designed to equip you with practical steps that you can take to intentionally share Jesus with others.

Hispanic Ministry

Counseling: Biblical and Practical | Consejería: Bíblica y Práctica led by José Enrique Torres
Many Christians feel they aren’t equipped to counsel. Yet, when our brothers and sisters in Christ encounter trials, suffering, and sin, we are called to help them “grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ,” by speaking the truth in love. At the end of this breakout, you will have a sense of urgency, have access to practical tools, and be equipped to begin counseling.

Connecting With Our Children: How to Help Them in the School System  | Principios para ayudar a nuestros hijos a tener éxito en la escuela led by Nerily López
The goal of this workshop is to help you and your families connect more together and connect to God.
Plan Estratégico de Su Iglesia Local 2021 led by Daniel Santander & David Cardoza
This Breakout session will focus on strengthening the Hispanic Church by clarifying your purpose, defining your goals, a continuous study of the Hispanic community, and evaluating the progress of goals. The session will be done by the Hispanic Church Strengthening Team: Dennis Rivera, Hispanic Teams Leader, Ovidio Cabrera, Serving in South Ga Region, David Cardoza, serving in the Central Region and Daniel Santander in the North.


Starting from Zero: Initiating Missions in the Local Church led by D. Ray Davis
Southern Baptist churches exist for the express purpose of cooperatively praying, giving, going, and sending in fulfillment of our obligation to the nations. D. Ray will discuss ways a church can initiate deeper missional activities in times when missions may have been put on pause. How does the local church initiate or re-initiate missions as a priority? Learn practical ways your church can jump-start missions when it feels like you’re starting from zero!

Six Dangers to Avoid on Mission Trips led by Buck Burch
DANGER! DANGER! Will your next CHURCH MISSION TRIP be reasonably SAFE? Check out this talk on the six DANGERS your church can AVOID before you take your next mission trip.

Next Gen

Top 10 Tips for Kids Ministry Leaders led by Chuck Peters
You’ll learn some great tips that will assist you to effectively minister and lead kids in your church and community.

Good, Better, Best Ideas for Enlisting Preschool & Children's Volunteers led by Chuck Peters
It takes lots of volunteers in preschool & children’s ministry, and it’s a never-ending task to have enough. Come learn some great ideas to help enlist, train, and develop volunteers to be leaders at your church.

3 Pillars of Children's Ministry led by Mark Jones
Is your church committed to the spiritual development of children? Children’s leaders and teachers need a commitment to these three objectives and to see themselves as part of a team that is impacting the lives of children.

Equipping the Preschool Teacher led by Mark Jones
Teaching preschoolers begins with the greeting, setting up the classroom for success, and discovering how preschoolers learn best. You will become a great teacher by following these simple recommendations.

What I Learned as a Student Pastor in the Pandemic led by Logan Grantham
Not everything that came from the pandemic is bad. You’ll learn about a discipleship process for students that’s super simple and incredibly effective both in person and digitally.

Engaging Gen Z: Raising the Bar for Youth Ministry led by Tim McKnight
To disciple the youth in our student ministries today, we have to understand the unique characteristics of Generation Z, and apply lessons learned from recent decades of youth ministry. Pastor and professor Timothy McKnight brings a wealth of new insights, resources, and guidance for reaching today's adolescents.

How to Teach Teenagers led by Andy Blanks
Whether you are a volunteer or full-time youth worker, you most likely find yourself in situations where you teach the Bible to teenagers. Andy Blanks will share lessons he has learned from years of experience that will help you make the most out of your teaching opportunities with teenagers.

What a Teenager Needs from a Youth Worker led by Chris Trent
What does a teenager really need from you? The good news is that no matter who you are – young or old, cool or not cool, in the know or not in the know – if you’re a Christ follower, you have something every teenagers needs. Chris will discuss a list of basic things every teenagers needs from a youth worker.

How Volunteers and Youth Pastors can Experience Longevity in Youth Ministry led by Seth Buckley
Seth Buckley gets longevity in youth ministry. He has faithfully served as a youth pastor for 30+ years and has had great success in finding volunteers who have also spent a lot of years serving teenagers. You’ll hear lessons that will help you stay spiritually healthy while you point teenagers to Jesus.

Pastor Wellness

Let the Text Talk: Pastors Seeking to Strive in Their Exposition of God's Word led by Kyle Walker
Preaching God's Word is one of the greatest privileges on the planet. It is also a matter of eternal life and death! Though we never "arrive" as preachers, our calling demands we always strive towards greater faithfulness. As Paul put it, we must always do our best to present ourselves as unashamed workers able to accurately handle the Word of Truth. Join this session not to arrive, but to strive towards faithfulness in letting the text talk.

After Hours With Dallas White: The Most Practical Disciple-Making Breakout You've Ever Attended. Seriously. led by TJ Joy & Dallas White
Over the last several years, there’s been a new buzz around the word discipleship. That’s because local church leaders are waking up to the reality that — for decades — we’ve been more interested in making converts than we’ve been in making disciples. As our churches are reaping the consequences, we’ve recognized that something has to change. But the question is, how? How can we lead our people back to a Biblical framework for following Jesus? How can we move them from being distracted consumers to committed disciples? How do we even get started? Dallas White and TJ Joy will tackle these questions and more, sharing personal, practical examples that will help you answer all of your hows.

After Hours With Dallas White: A Conversation with Pastor Mike Linch about Life, Leadership, and Ministry led by Mike Linch & Dallas White
Join us for a conversation on life and leadership beyond the spotlight of Sunday mornings with Mike Lynch, senior pastor of NorthStar Church. Under Mike’s leadership, NorthStar has grown to become a thriving church of thousands that’s committed to helping people find their way home to Jesus. Mike shares what it was like to plant a church before church planting was ‘cool’, the value of longevity in ministry, relinquishing responsibility and empowering others to lead, finding your voice as a communicator, and more.

Navigating the Road to Renewal led by Gary Moritz
Do you feel tired and worn out by this season of ministry? Has your leadership faced a dark place? Discover how to carry on and learn the power of renewal and what it can do for you. This session will teach you how you can navigate the road to renewal.

Public Affairs

Navigating the Changing Culture and How To Protect Your Ministry led by Harrison Smith
As a Christian ministry, how do you address the changing cultural views on issues such as sexuality, marriage, and gender identity? How can your ministry love and serve everyone while not giving into the shifting morality of the day? This seminar will explore the recent cultural and legal challenges the Church is currently facing so that you can be a good steward of your ministry and help keep the doors open for the gospel.

Sexual Abuse Risk: Changes in the Landscape led by Greg Love
This session will describe the new challenges related to child sexual abuse in ministry: insurance requirements, legislative changes, and how predators have adapted. The session will conclude with an overview of steps to take to deal with the ‘old’ challenge while correctly navigating the ‘new’ challenges.

Worship & Music

Leading Worship Ministry after a Pandemic led by Mike Harland
When COVID-19 struck in 2020, nearly every church in America was faced with many unexpected and unprecedented circumstances, particularly as it relates to the music and worship ministry. Churches regathering for in-person worship have again experienced hearing the voices of God’s people ring out, which has been needed and inspiring. So, what does the worship ministry of our churches look like post-COVID? There is much to learn and be encouraged about as we move forward in a post-pandemic time. Mike Harland will share and encourage the worship leader on how to be better and more effective following such a strenuous 18 months and how the worship of God’s people is a valuable, viable aspect of church life.

The Core 4 for Worship Leadership led by John Bolin
The Bible gives us great direction and a clear roadmap to what worship leadership should look and sound like in the local church. We will look deeply at four foundational elements that are essential for a multigenerational worship ministry and how to incorporate them into your church.

Women's Missions and Ministry

Building a Team to Advance the Gospel led by Amy Cordova
Do you ever feel that if you want something done right, you have do it yourself? Perhaps that’s helpful in the short term, but in the long term weariness will set in and growth will slow. Join us as we seek biblical guidance in building a team to advance the gospel!

Conversational Apologetics led by Mary Jo Sharp
Whether you are just beginning to dig into apologetics or your knowledge is extensive, engaging in conversation can seem intimidating at times. This session will focus on four elements of good dialogue; including how to use common questions to uncover what people really believe and to spark a deeper discussion on belief in God.

Mission Georgia

How Churches and Schools Can Prevent Human Trafficking led by Ashleigh Chapman
Victims of human trafficking are in every county. So are churches and schools. During this session, Ashleigh Chapman, President and CEO of Alliance for Freedom, Justice and Restoration will share how churches and schools are uniquely positioned to prevent human trafficking. Ashleigh will provide insight and practical ideas on how Christ followers can bring help and hope to those who are being trafficked, while increasing prevention in the community.

Bringing the Gospel to Your Community by Helping Kids Read led by Lorna Bius
One of the easiest and best ways a church can be a gospel influence in their community is by helping kids read. Discover four ways you can make a difference in the life of a child and his/her family through childhood ministry. Join Lorna Bius, Mission Georgia Mobilizer, as she shares how Mission Georgia’s literacy initiative provides resources, reading coaches, and tips to bring gospel-centered care to your community.

Church Security

Church Safety and Security led by Ben O'Neal
We will be discussing how to start a security program for your church, and if you have one already, how to improve your existing team. We will discuss behaviors and indicators and what types of responsibilities will be needed to effectively protect a church and its congregation. We will also discuss what Georgia law says about carrying weapons in church.

Church Planting & Revitalization

How to Involve My Church in Church Planting Without Killing It led by Rolando Castro
We will discover ways for any type of church to participate in Kingdom multiplication through church planting.
Replanting: A New Hope for Your Church led by David Jackson
We will examine what struggling churches can do to rekindle their fire using replanting strategies.

Associational Missions

DREAM: What the Lord Can Do Through Your Local Association of Churches in Tough Times led by Neal Hughes
Through both personal testimony and biblical principles, you will learn from this regional leader ways to enlarge and recapture the vision God has for your community, even in tough times.


Faithfully Stewarding Your Estate led by Sam Warner, Vice President of Development
Do you have a Will that honors your Lord and Savior? The Georgia Baptist Foundation can help you with your Will and also help you bless the Kingdom with an estate gift. This breakout session will help you get your house in order as it relates to the estate that the Lord has blessed you with.

Fund Management Services led by  Sam Warner, Vice President of Development
The Georgia Baptist Foundation has been helping churches and ministries be better stewards of what the Lord has blessed them with for decades. Let us show you how we can help your ministry get a great return on ministry reserve funds and other types of accounts that you may have. If you are tired of extremely low savings and CD interest rates then we are here to help your ministry.

Find Your Ministry with Timber led by Johnathan Gray, President/CEO
Find out how individuals can support the local church or other ministries through gifts of timber. Christian Timber Reserve exists to help encourage, facilitate, and manage gifts of timber. Learn how we can help your church benefit from the tremendous opportunity that is all around us.

Personal Ministry Development

Don’t Neglect Bible Reading in Your Discipleship Strategy led by Michael Gunnin, Chief Growth Officer, Walk Thru the Bible
Whether or not someone engages with the Bible is the most predictive factor as to whether they will be a thriving follower of Christ. Driven by research on the power of Bible reading and engagement, this session explores both the why and how to foster a culture of Bible reading in the local church.

Rediscovering the Lost Art of Restoration led by Phil Tuttle, President and CEO, Walk Thru the Bible
Let’s face it, the Church isn’t very good at restoring fallen believers, let alone fallen leaders. When someone is overtaken by sin we don’t know what to say, much less what to do. In this workshop we’ll explore Jesus’ loving restoration of Simon Peter after his devastating denial. Together we’ll discover how failures, whether small or huge, can be redeemed for our good and God’s glory.

Build to Last led by Phil Tuttle, President and CEO, Walk Thru the Bible
When veteran pastor Paul was mentoring young pastor Timothy, he gave him three word pictures to warn him of three threats that could undermine his ministry. Paul also encouraged Timothy how to avoid those pitfalls. 2,000 years later the dangers haven’t changed, but thankfully neither have the remedies.
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